Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So...suddenly it is mid-May? Can someone explain to me when that happened, and how it happened without my noticing? Munchkin finishes school next week...NEXT WEEK!!! She is headed to Paris for a little over a week, and then settling in full-time at the beach. In what we now regularly refer to as "her" beach house, since she is the person who spends the most time there...

Memorial Day will likely be our first trip to the beach, which I am looking forward to greatly. As I have mentioned about 1,000 times previously, that is my most favorite place in the whole world, and I love ever single minute I get to spend there. I really start to look forward to going there just after the New Year, and run kind of a mental countdown pretty shortly thereafter. T minus 9 days:-)

I think I spoke a little bit too soon on the baby girls potty further developments on that front. It has been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, and the girls have been out of their routine a lot, which probably doesn't help...hopefully things will settle down and we can get back to that. They are, however, doing a little better with the sleeping again, which is nice.

Mother's Day was wonderfully low key:-) We went to The Boy's parents' house to see his Mom and had dinner with them and his sister and her family. Nothing special, but it was really, really nice. I got adorable homemade cards from the girls (well, really from their teachers at school, since I don't think the girls did their own spelling and card construction:-)). Munchkin wrote me a card that made me cry like she does every year...little secret, I have all of them saved from the last seven years, and I read them periodically. And they ALWAYS make me cry:-)

I am sorry to have no take on this spring's trashy TV. I haven't watched any Dancing With the Stars or American Idol or The Voice or anything else that I usually write about. I am a week behind on Game of Thrones, which I am hopelessly hooked on...and I don't even know if there are seasons of Top Chef or Runway on any time soon. I seriously have to get some more time for terrible television...

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Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Sweets has been feeling burnt out at work lately and has been needing a vacation for a while. We might sneak in a staycation day for a quick rejuvenation, but we're REALLY looking forward to our 2-week beach vacation this summer, starting on the Jersey Shore and ending on Cape Cod. Cannot wait for LOTS of downtime during that trip!!! So, I can completely understand why you are stoked to finally head to the beach house!