Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today is an almost impossibly spectacular day...bright, warm, clear, dry...just absolutely heaven. And, of course, I am spending the whole day working. Sometimes I seriously question whether or not Caribbean folks have this whole work thing figured out...sure, they are largely poor, but that also spend way more time enjoying weather like this than the rest of us.


What's new? I have been a bad blogger, and not a great blog reader this week. It's been busy at work, busy at home and seemingly busy everywhere else, too (like, Munchkin somehow lost her idea how or where, but she needed a new one, and fast.) The girls have been all full of energy and running at full speed from the time we get them until they time they go to sleep (which is never at the time I would like them to!!!).

The good news is that there is a long weekend coming! Munchkin finishes school tomorrow and ships out immediately afterwards through next is a little frightening how routine her trans-Atlantic jaunts have become. We will definitely miss her at the beach, but I am secretly in love with the idea of my little sister the jet-setter.

I imagine we will head to the beach tomorrow night. I would love to be able to wait until about 8:30 so that the girls will go right to sleep in the car, but we have to make sure to get to the last ferry in time, which means leaving earlier. That will probably screw with their sleep and make them absolute bears for the end of the trip, but I don't feel like waiting until Saturday morning to we will just have to deal. It will all be worth it when I can wake up on Saturday morning and see the ocean out the back door:-) Also, Saturday is the nicest day in the forecast, and I would rather not spend it in the car and on a boat!

It should be a fun weekend at the beach, too...pretty big crowd including a couple of friends that we haven't seen in a while. There should be a lot of eating, a little drinking and much merriment. The girls will hopefully enjoy the sand enough to hang out there most of the time. And hopefully play enough to tire themselves out sufficiently to sleep soundly:-)

Not much else going on...I thought about writing some about the Facebook IPO flap, but I would rather wait to hear more: the Morgan Stanley people are accused of doing stuff so incredibly stupid that it is hard to imagine they actually did. Either way, I will maybe tell you why I think much of the outrage should be directed at how IPOs are usually done, instead of how this one went "wrong". But that may be kinda dry;-)


A said...

Busy weeks always cut right into the business of blogging, don't they?!

Hope you have an absolutely amazing time at the beach this weekend. Nothing but perfect weather and great company!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I fully expect a Facebook IPO recap from you, in whatever form that takes. I learn things from you - seriously!

Your weekend sounds really grand. August can't come soon enough - that's when I'll next see the ocean. Thankfully, we have this big ole lake here to fill in the gap. ha. Wish it wasn't going to be quite so warm here this weekend ... I'll try not to complain. =)