Thursday, December 27, 2012

Conversation recap

Lost in my overly detailed recap of Christmas yesterday...Munchkin left for her annual Carribean vacation with her friend's family. And as it seem to happen every year, the storm rolled in right after she left...lucky little twerp.

But before she left, we had the following conversation about her packing.

Me: Are you all packed?
Munchkin: Yup.
Me: Where is your bag?
Munchkin (pointing): Right there.
Me: Only a backpack?
Munchkin: Yea.
Me: For a week? What did you pack?
Munchkin: Um...pajamas, underwear, three bikinis, a beach cover-up, flip flops and two pairs of sunglasses.I'll just wear my hat on the plane.
Me: That's all?
Munchkin: Kindle. iPad.
Me: Really. That's it.
Munchkin: Um...toothbrush, phone charger...
Me: You're not bringing any clothes?
Munchkin: I don't plan on going anywhere that requires them.
Me: For a whole week.
Munchkin: I dunno. [Friend's] Mom overpacks anyway. If we really need something, we can borrow it from her.
Me: You understand why this sounds ridiculous, right?
Munchkin: I know. I should bring my running stuff, but I kinda wanna be lazy. I can swim if I feel motivated.
Me: That wasn't really what I meant.
Munchkin: Well then no, I don't get it.

I have to admit, she knows how to travel:-)


Jane226 said...

I am a total over-packer! So jealous of girls that can pack like this!

Big SIs said...

AM, don't forget to mention that she is sending us all pictures of her in those bikinis while we all hide inside from the very cold rain.

I sort of want to punch her.