Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OK, maybe not potato chips, but how about ice cream?

First of all, this is the funniest picture I have ever seen, over at Snarky's place.

So, Tinkerbelle isn't coming for Thanksgiving, which is sort of a bummer. But she is coming around Christmas, which is super awesome:-). Munchkin and I are going to Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it seemed kind of silly to have Tinkerbelle then come back three days later. So we all decided to put it off for a bit, which will make for a very festive Christmas:-) I'll need another stocking!!!

Speaking of Munchkin, she is sick:-( She came down with a cold yesterday and it isn't any better today. Poor thing...she slept from about 7:00 last night until I left this morning. Fortunately she has no school today, so she can stay home and rest without missing anything. Hopefully I can sneak home at lunch to check on her.

I think maybe I need to reign her schedule in a bit...she tends to run herself sort of ragged between school and sports and friends and everything else. I will have to keep an eye on it. I should also do a better job of trying to make sure that she eats well...I find myself having fewer meals with her now, and I have to figure out some way to make sure that she is not eating total garbage when I am not with her. Potato chips are NOT one of the four major food groups;-)

Teenagers...what are you gonna do?

Totally on another subject...have you ever noticed that random situations tend to come in waves? This is true of the blog world, too...it has come to my attention that at least three different female bloggers have found themselves in a very similar romantic situation in the last couple of weeks. Details and identities are unimportant, but the short version is "meeting someone at the tail end of another relationship."

What I find odd is that I actually think, based on what they have written, that I would have totally different advice for all three of them. Hmm...maybe I should work on my consistency;-)


Rachel H. said...

Hope Munchkin feels better soon!! I wish that I was home, because I don't feel good either. I think I'm going home after lunch.

Ys said...

Aww I hope Munchkin feels better soon.

jamie said...

No, chips aren't one of the major food groups--but wouldn't it be grand if they were? Tell Munchkin to get well!

Scotty said...

"meeting someone at the tail end of another relationship."
I wonder if thats because their eyes are more aware of whats out there when they arent happy with what they've got..