Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick notes

Brief post today because I have no time, but I don't think I will post again until Tuesday, so I didn't want to just dissapear.

Munchkin is very sick still, so I have to take her to the Doctor this morning to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. Fingers crossed.

The Boy is the most awesomest boy ever for staying home with her yesterday. He was amply rewarded in ways that only I really know;-). And his condo sale went off without a hitch. Yay!

Work stuff today and Monday, so I have to get her home and back to bed and then skedaddle as fast as I can to get to more meetings all day long.

And kind of a busy weekend, lots of little things to do, all of which could be cancelled if my little nugget's health does not improve.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Catch ya on the flip side:-)


dawn said...

Uch! Poor Munchkin! I hope that a weekend of rest and relaxation (and meds, if required) cure her of all that ails.

Scotty said...

Maybe chicken fingers will help?

Ys said...

Enjoy yoour weekend! Big hugs to Munchkin :)

jamie said...

I think it is the sweetest thing ever that the Boy stayed home with Munchkin. That tugs at the heart strings a little bit...

Heather said...


Hope she feels better, make her some grilled cheese!!! Yum! :)