Monday, November 03, 2008


Gooooood morning:-) Did everyone have a happy, festive, candy-filled weekend? I did...and I am currently eating a leftover cupcake that was in the kitchen for breakfast. Score!!!

Excellent responses so far on Friday's election question...please keep them coming if you haven't responded yet! Brandy is sort of onto what I am doing, but I will give you the full details tomorrow, along with the results. In other, random election news, Obama's illegal alien Aunt lives near me...whoo hoo!!!

I am fairly certain that none of you had a more fun weekend than I did:-) Not that you would have had as much fun doing what I did, but it was fun for me. I got to Tinkerbelle's house in plenty of time to Trick of Treat on Friday, so I got to take her over to meet up with a couple of our cousins and take them all out:-) Tinkerbelle was a lady bug, and she was so cute that it gave me chest pains to look at Black tights, big, round red sack with black polka dots, antenna...adorable!

I stayed with them both nights, so I got up Saturday and made her breakfast, and then we went out to do nothing. We went shopping but didn't really buy anything. We met BFFg for lunch, then went over to our Aunt and Uncles house to hang out for a bit...a bunch of cousins and whatnot were there. I was hoping to go out with the BFF's and BFFg's new boyfriend (that I set her up with...) but I decided to babysit instead. Tinkerbelle's Mom had a date:-D.

Sunday was sort of the same...woke up, made breakfast, hung out, took her to a birthday party, helped her with some schoolwork and then had to go home. All in all, a really nice weekend with lots and lots of Tinkerbelle time! When Munchkin and I go back soon I will fit in some other people, but I really missed the little nugget, so I was glad to spend some time with her. Oh, and who thinks she should come spend Thanksgiving with me:-D?

Got home at a pretty reasonable time for The Boy to make us dinner, which was lovely of him. dinner was frozen tortellini, but it was still yummy:-). I don't keep him around for his culinary skills;-).

And now, back to work, with the election looming! My gut says that Obama wins in a, not at all close, but pollsters have been wrong before... More on this tomorrow. Until then, keep warm!


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Glad you had such a fun weekend! Here's to rocking the vote!

Scotty said...

frozen tortellini
I LOVE that stuff!

Ys said...

Aww so much cuteness :D

Enjoy your voting experience!