Friday, November 27, 2009

Eating for about 7...

I have been told that, contrary to the standard wisdom of "eating for two" (or, I guess, three), a pregnant woman is not supposed to eat twice as much;-) A healthy diet is something like 500 extra calories per day, with obviously a focus on high-nutrient foods.

Well, let's just say that I am good for a couple of weeks now. I ate my extra 500 calories for yesterday, today, tomorrow and several days after that! There was turkey, of course, and stuffing and potatoes and squash and corn bread and vegetable casserole and sweet potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce and apple pie and chocolate cake and cheesecake. Oh my!!! My foreign guests were thoroughly impressed with the brilliance of Thanksgiving, and they even contributed a traditional Venezuelan corn bread and cheese thing that was a valuable addition to the lineup:-)

Today I find myself in a very unique position...with absolutely nothing at all to do all day...and it feels wonderful! There is absolutely no chance on earth that I would go anywhere near a store today, and I have no school work and really nothing much else to do at all. I may take out some of the Christmas decorations to see what kind of shape they are in...or, I may curl up under a blanket and read all day, or maybe I will just watch stupid TV. The world is my oyster!!!

The Boy has a sort of unofficial college reunion tonight which I may or may not go to. I certainly won't stay out nearly as late as the rest of them, but it might be fun...especially if I have all day to nap in preparation:-). Munchkin is also not feeling great, so I may just stay in with her and do girly stuff...for now, I am just going to appreciate the complete lack of responsibility for the day!

Tomorrow...more Thanksgiving;-) The Boy's family has their traditional T-Day+2 get together...more Turkey!!!

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Rachel H. said...

I feel the same way...I ate so much this weekend, then when I got on the scale this morning, I was blown away! Not good!!