Monday, November 09, 2009

Waiting, Family and Girl Power

Back to my story from Friday...

I showed up for my 8:30 doctor's appointment, and was surprised that they were ready for me right away. Generally, I find that all doctor's appointments require a mandatory 25 minute wait. So, good start.

Let's flash back to my last doctor's appointment for a second...I finished, did some kind of a blood test at the lab downstairs and went on my merry way. A couple days later, a nurse left me a message about scheduling some kind of a test or another that I still needed. So, I called back, and since they don't answer the phone and this whole process requires leaving messages back and forth (since they always call during class), I ended up in a messaging conversation where the nurse asked me what test I needed to schedule..."Um, I called me." In the end, I figured that, if it was important, they would call me back. Which they never did.

So, the doctor was looking at my records and noticed that they never did the Down's syndrome screening, which we had told her we would probably do. And, it is now too late for the initial screening (has to be done by like Week 13, and I was 14 weeks 3 days on this visit). Ahh well, they still have a few days where they can do the ultrasound, so if I could schedule an ultrasound right away, they could do it Friday.

I didn't really want to miss a whole morning of class, but who can resist the chance to get more pictures of the babies:-)? So, the radiologist said they could fit me in that morning, so once we finished up with the doctor, we headed a block away to the radiologist. Where we waited for about an hour (I did catch up on US Weekly, and discovered that Taylor Swift has managed to find herself a younger is that even possible?)

And what did we find out when we finally saw the radiologist? Oh is too late to do the Down's screening by ultrasound. That has to be done before Week 14, too. So, medically speaking, that was about two hours that were totally wasted (but I did get to see the little nuggets some more:-)...I will scan the pictures when I get home today). Not a huge deal, since they can do a different blood test later on, and it is really just an informational test anyway, but super frustrating.

And for real...does anyone in a doctor's office know how to use a computer? Every freaking visit, they take an entire medical history, enter it into "the computer" and then miraculously lose it. How hard is it to operate a patient database? And, to keep a schedule, while we are at it...

Anyway, enough ranting. Had a great visit with friends and family this weekend. As expected, my surprise was not much of a surprise at all:-). They all pretended to be shocked, but it was painfully obvious that they all already's hard to keep secrets in big families;-) I managed to take it pretty easy but still see everyone I wanted to. The Boy went out with BFFb and a couple other guys on Saturday night, so he didn't survive in nearly as good a shape as I did...hee hee...they were pretty banged up yesterday.

Mostly, I was happy that I managed to make the trip and not get sick. I was a little bit worried that the change in routine, excitement and activity would get to me...but it wasn't too bad. I didn't take any Zofran, and only took a couple of Tylenol for a headache that won't go away. All in all, not too bad. Hopefully the worst of the sickness is passed for now...fingers crossed.

And finally...a little girl power from Saturday:-) I love when the girls beat the boys!!!


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend and that's got to be frustrating about the Down's Syndrome test. They did something similar to us, and we got the ultrasound part of the test but not the blood work! Oh well!

Windy City Kelley's said...

I agree, doctor visits can be so frustrating! We had our downs syndrome test yesterday (along with many other things) and will get the test results next week. I mainly did it to get another ultrasound too but it will be nice info to have on hand as well. :)

Thisisme said...

I work in a hospital that's transitioning to an electronic health record right now- PAINFUL. Nonetheless EHRs should be reliable- it's 2009!! That's so frustrating!! At least you had a great weekend to make up for the crappy visit!!