Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures...finally (some of them)

I am rapidly becoming the worst blogger ever. Several weeks late, here are the best images from my last ultrasound. Not nearly as good as the 3-D images I got last time, but this will have to least until December 1, when we get to find out the sexes:-)

They refer to them as the "presenting" one and the "non-presenting" one, although I don't know why...I generally call them "top and bottom", "frick and frack" or some other random combination of two names. Regardless, that is one picture of each of them...hey, they look a lot like twins:-)

So...geez...what am I up to now. I got some responses to my federal deficit questions, but I don't really have the energy to respond. At least I don't have the energy to really respond, since I will get totally wound up and ramble for hours. Short version...Obama's budget chief, Peter Orszag, says the deficit next year will be bigger than this year, and his motivation would be to under-estimate it right now. Obama's own projections from march (which they have already scrapped as too optimistic) call for a 10 year plan where the deficit is never smaller than it was in the year before last. The Obama and Bush administrations have spent a trillion dollars in the last year and no one can give me one tangible piece of evidence that it has had even a tiny positive effect.

(By the way...some simply math tells us that, for $700 billion, you could hire all 7,000,000 people that have lost their jobs for $100,000 a year...just nibble on that for a second). I am not looking for people to perform miracles....just balance the fucking budget. Or at least pretend you are gonna try! And don't even get me started on health care...the system is broken, so our solution is to make it bigger? How does that make sense?

OK, there I go...totally wound up. I should stop now...but I do hope someday to have a job where all of my problems can so easily be blamed on my predecessor:-)

Anywho...busy busy busy around here, but I am feeling better and not quite so tired all the time, which is good. Some fun stuff up for the weekend, I hope, include a practice Thanksgiving dinner:-) Because no one should go to Turkey Day unprepared;-)


Our Happy Married Life... said...

there you are! miss your daily updates! glad you are feeling better and as far as the economy...i won't even go there! let's just say I totally agree with what you say 99% of the time. thanks for the baby pics know what I'm getting ready to ask. :P

Rachel H. said...

Glad to see you back...such cute photos!! :) And I get totally wound up on the issues you mentioned, so I don't even mention them on my post! I totally agree with you though!

anne said...

I still cannot get over the fact that you are having 2 babies!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back! Have really missed your entries.

Good that you are doing better now.
So how is it to be pregnant? Give me some details that I know what I am getting myself into when I finally decided to get kids. ;-)

And, I have to ask again: could we see a wedding picture? Please!

Jane226 said...

Yay! Baby pictures!

Lisa said...

Wow, I'm so excited to find out the sexes!
And great to see the pictures! Though, I can't make out a wedding-dress in any of these ;)