Monday, November 30, 2009

How did it get to be Christmas again?

First, a random question...Anyone getting a lot of random anonymous comments lately? I have gotten a bunch of things that are advertisements, and then yesterday got one that just said "Hello. And bye." I don't want to publish that because I feel like it will be a weird link when I do or something. Anyone seeing similar things?

So, let's see...the rest of the weekend was really nice. I did end up going out on Friday, and stayed out later than I had anticipated. I felt good, and it was fun, and I didn't feel any effects of it on Saturday, so that was all good. The Boy, however, had a little too much to drink so he wasn't feeling so great when we got home:-P.

Munchkin came along to The Boy's family's traditional two-day-late Thanksgiving feast, and that was really fun. He has a couple of cousins (er...second cousins maybe?) that are about her age that she always has fun hanging out with. They are cute boys that flirt with her and try to impress her...of course she has fun:-). Actually, she is going to a dance with one of them at his school next weekend, which is sorta cute.

Yesterday was spent sorting through the Christmas decorations and finishing the swap out of summer clothes for winter clothes. That entails a lot of giant Rubbermaid tubs going back and forth into storage;-). Next weekend I get my Christmas tree, which makes me super excited every year...and then I have to worry about shopping...ugh.

And's appointment when they should tell me what kinds of babies are living in my tummy!!!!


Our Happy Married Life... said...

so excited to hear what "kinds" of babies you are having!!! :)

Windy City Kelley's said...

Sounds like a great weekend! How exciting that you get to find out tomorrow too. We're going against the norm and waiting to find out ~ if we can last that long. :)

A said...

I know what kind they are. Perfect. :)

Lisa said...

Oh my, girl-girl, boy-boy, girl-boy?
I'm excited!

Rachel H. said...

That's SO exciting to find out what kind they are...I can't wait to hear!! I hope you'll post and let us know! :)

Ys said...

I know I haven't commented in ages but I am still reading. I always think there's nothing more I can add so I just keep quiet hehe ;)

But in reference to the spam comments - I too have been getting them recently when I never have before! So you're not alone.