Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ahh yes, babies.

I can't believe how fast the summer is going...although I guess that makes sense, all things considered. If I could my summer break from Memorial Day until Labor Day, then I am basically half way through it and have barely had a moment to even enjoy it!

OK, that is not entirely true, as I have been hanging out at the beach with my husband, baby girls, sister and best friends...but those two baby girls seem to make the whole thing a bit less relaxing than it used to be!

I guess I should give you some updates on them!

Let's see...LK was bigger when she was born, but she is now last check, she weighs about 12 pounds, while MA weighs closer to 14. There are two reasons for, LK has had some reflux issues that made it tough for her to eat for a while; and two, MA eats everything she can get her hands on!!! Seriously, she is an eater, there is no doubt about that. MA has been in size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes for almost a month now...

I haven't breast fed either of them, really, although I have been a diligent pumper so they have eaten very little formula. Not sure how long I will keep that up, as it is a colossal pain in the ass. Maybe, as they start eating solids next month, I will be able to cut back and only pump every 4-6 hours instead of every 3...that would be a big improvement. I will miss my giant boobs, that's for sure!

They are pretty good sleepers, although it is a battle to get them to actually go to bed. But once they go down, they have been good about sleeping 4-5 hours at a time overnight and only waking up to eat and go right back to bed. Last night may have been a breakthrough for MA, as she fell asleep at 8:45 and slept until 4:45. Of course, she ate no less than 13 ounces of milk in the four hours before she went to bed, so I guess she had a lot to sleep off.

We have them in separate cribs now, after they shared one for the first 10 weeks or so. They had gotten too big to sleep sideways in there, and were waking each other up we split them up and it has gone pretty well. They actually don't interact at all, really...and I have been told that they won't start to notice each other until they are at least a year old. That is sort of a bummer, as I am really looking forward to that, but I suppose I will have to wait.

They don't go back to the doctor for another month, so I won't get an official measurement on them until then...and that is also when we are going to start their transition into day care. That will be rough (on me, not them!) but will hopefully not be too painful.

Well, gotta's feeding time!!! Toodles:-)


Lpeg said...

So glad to hear that your summer is going well! I'm sure the babies are taking up so much time, but I love the little updates! Can't wait till you possibly post another photo of the girls?

And how did dinner with Munchkin go?

Girl Friday said...

Super late to the game here, but hey, I have twins too so I am sure you can understand. My two monsters are 9 months now and I would say, don't listen to everything "they" tell you. I was so sure that I was going to have to wait ages to watch my two play and squeak at one another as well, but they took note of one another right around 3-4 months and haven't looked back. In the mornings they lay in their beds and chatter to each other from 6:00 (when they actually wake up) to 7:00 (when I acknowledge that they are awake). They splash and play in the bath, they grab each others hands across the highchairs, they share and steal (mostly steal)toys from each other. Best of all though, they laugh at one another endlessly. The hardest day is made better watching twins crack up at one another. You have so much too look forward too and really not so long to wait! Congrats again.