Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday

I have absolutely nothing of note to say today...but I have some time and felt like blogging:-) Judging by the broad silence, I am assuming that most of you think that I am, in fact, crazy for going back to work in September. Or, just a bad mother for not staying home with the girls. But I certainly appreciate those of you that told me I am not nuts...even if you are just being nice:-)

Or, maybe everyone just stopped reading because I wrote like four posts in five months:-P That is also a possibility...

Would it help sway you if I told you that I get an office when I go back? To be honest, I will sorta miss my cube, which was nicely tucked in the corner over by the window to keep me out of the traffic flow in the office and afforded me a wonderful view of the harbor. But having my own office makes me feel special, and I will get to decorate it, too. And while I don't have water views any more, I do have a view of the city out through the Bay Back towards Brookline and Newton. So, it's not all bad:-)

Anyway, that is all I have for you...a brief note that they are cleaning out my new office and moving some new furniture in for me (a special desk that sits low enough that I can use it and still have my feet reach the floor maybe:-)?)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


laurwilk said...

FYI, this didn't post to my reader. Maybe that's why people aren't commenting? I really wasn't being nice by saying I don't think it's a bad idea to go to work. I guess I don't really see why so many moms feel like they CAN'T work? Both of my parents worked my whole life and I don't feel even a little bit deprived because of it. I'd say quite the opposite. I think three days at home with your girls is completely acceptable - especially if YOU feel that it is.

I'm a big believer in quailty over quantity. More parents need to live by that motto.

Enjoy your new office and desk! You can be a great mom AND a great professional.

A said...

Wheee! Your own fancy office! That's fantastical. Also: I don't think you're crazy. But I think I told you that. :)

Accidentally Me said...

Laurwilk - Oh, I am OK with that is the part about also being a full-time student that is a little over the top:-)

lisa said...

my tiredness doesn't allow any long comments today, so I'll just sign under laurwilk's one :)

I bet you can handle your school, work and family just fine

Ys said...

I'm still reading :) Blogger keeps refusing my comments on other sites so I've given up trying lately. Hopefully this will work :)

I don't think you're crazy. If keeping busy is how you live then you should carry on. Having children changes your life in so many ways but you have to keep living your life the way you're comfortable with it :)