Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A dynamic duo

Looks like the secret to inspiring readers to comment is to post pictures of the kids...hmmm...who knew? Now, when I get around to posting another picture in another three months, I will know what to expect...:-P

Special Wednesday treat today...well, for me, not really so much for you;-). It is my normal day to be home with the girls, but Smoking Hot Roommate has decided that she can do without work for the day, and is staying home with me...Yay!!! Truth be told, I have had entirely too little SHR time of late, and I miss her dearly. So, this will be fun:-)

Also, based on my confessed love of pumpkin muffins from Stop & Shop, The Boy bought six of them for me last night. Of course, Munchkin and I ate three of them immediately, and the other three have absolutely not chance of making it through the day.

SHR and cream cheese frosting?



Ys said...

Haha now you know the secret ;)

Have a great day with SHR :D I'm long overdue a proper girlie day.

Kari said...

Based on your description of the pumpkin muffins....I made some for breakfast on Thanksgiving. They were a hit. Now I want to make some again (we don't have stop and shop up here...)

pinksundrops said...

Hehe we love pictures. 0 to 22 comments is a LOT. Looks like you have a lot of secret admirers ;) .