Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lay off, I am eating for three

Munchkin's foot has been bothering her lately. If you have been reading since January, you probably remember that she broke her foot and spent most of the spring rehabbing it. That all went pretty well, and she was cleared to start running again this summer and fully cleared for the fall soccer season. She hasn't had any lingering pain or lack of flexibility or anything, which is all good.

However, in the last week, it has flared up a bit. She thinks that maybe she just stepped wrong during a game or something, and it has swollen up a bit and is hurting her a touch. The doctor says to rest it and to not worry unless it doesn't heal itself in a week or so. But, that means no soccer this week, at least.

He team had an away game, so I decided to leave school a touch early and pick her up at her game so we could run some errands before we went home. One of those errands was the grocery store, which led to two humorous events.

First, her ability to attract male admirers was on full display. An admittedly-charming boy struck up a conversation with her in the produce department...which I observed at a bit of a distance and with great humor. He asked if she was in school around here, she said yes and said the name of the school (which could be mistaken for a really small college). He asked what her major was. She said she didn't have a major. He asked what year she was. She said Freshman. He asked if she lived in the school's dorms. She said "No, I am a Freshman in high school." Awkward pause...

He handled it pretty well, sort of sheepishly admitting that he was indeed hitting on her, and kind of embarrassed at himself. But not really apologizing for the obvious, which is that she is ridiculously gorgeous, and could legitimately pass for 22.

OK...second thing. We discovered pumpkin muffins at Stop & Shop. I got kinda hungry, so we ate one. Then it was so freaking good that we ate another. By the time we checked out (with three of them in a box), we had the following exchange with the cashier.

Me: Oh, and we ate some muffins, too.
Cashier: How many?
Me: Um. Five.
Cashier: You ate two and these three make five total.
Me: No, we ate five of them already.
Cashier: You ate five muffins?
Munchkin: They had cream cheese frosting.

So yes, we ate five muffins during our shopping trip. And no, I do not regret ounce bite of them, they were freaking awesome.


Our Happy Married Life... said...

This made me laugh. Thank you! Even though we are g chatting I just had to let you know here! :)

Irene said...

hmmm, pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting...yummy, you are making me hungry!! LOL
You should google "carrot-apple muffins with cream cheese frosting" and bake them/have someone bake them for you some day...awesome, great, wonderful and much more, I could eat them all day! Plus they're healthy because of all the carrots and apples inside!!

Ys said...

Hahaha that's great. Well done on managing to eat five! ;)

A said...

HAHAHAHA. I love this. The cream cheese frosting will get you every time.

Lisa said...

same thing could happen to me.

Sadly, the muffin-part, not the being mistaken for 22 and hit on by a cute boy though ;)