Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something tells me that Scott Baio is at fault

MA's got pink eye...hooray!

Actually, it's not that big a deal. Around noon yesterday, her eye was all gunked up and gross, and it was obvious that something wrong was going on. (Babies can get clogged tear ducts which make their eyes a little icky, but this was obviously not that!) So, Smoking Hot Roommate had a little bit of quality time with LK, and I took MA to the doctor, where she was diagnosed within minutes. We picked up a prescription at the pharmacy on the way home and had the whole excursion done within about two hours.

The medicine is kind of a pain because it is a paste that you have to put directly onto her eye, which she is not at all a fan of. The good news is that it was already better this morning, and she should have no problem going to day care tomorrow. I told St. Mother-in-Law (who watches them today) that she could give her the medicine if she wants to, or if it looks really bad, but that she doesn't have to bother if she doesn't feel like it. I don't want Grandma to have to be the evil distributor of medicine:-)

It is pretty disgusting, but it doesn't seem to cause any discomfort, and she didn't have any trouble eating or sleeping, which is all good. Through some miracle, her sister (and her parents) have thus far managed to not get it, although I don't know how long that will last. The doctor went ahead and wrote us a refill on the medicine based on the likelihood of LK getting it, too.

Other than that, I got nothing for you! SHR and I had a lovely day yesterday, went for a long walk with the girls, did some shopping and some gabbing and just basically enjoyed a lovely fall day! We should do that much more often. Like maybe next Wednesday:-)


Thisisme said...

I feel your pain and annoyance of medicating her eye!!


Kari said...

Hope you don't get the pink eye. St. MIL likely had no problem putting the paste in...
The last time I was in Germany, I thought I had pink I went to the pharmacist. After playing a game of charades, I ended up getting some sort of drops that froze my eyes...try taking pictures with a frozen eye!