Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proms and Such

Follow-up to Munchkin being invited to every prom in Greater Boston...

I told her that I wasn't real keen on her going to the Junior Prom that is not for her own school or with Smoking Hot Roommate's cousin's son. The issues are that it is a little ways away, I don't know the boy at all, and she will only know one other person there (a good friend of hers from that town who is going with her boyfriend.) They planned to go to a party at someone's house afterward and then sleep at her friend's house (who is from that town and is good friends with Munchkin's date...make sense?). I don't know that I am terribly opposed...I just didn't love the idea.

She was a little surprised, so we got to talking about it. I explained that I could see where her friend became pre-occupied with her boyfriend and Munchkin finds herself kind of alone. She didn't seem all that concerned, so I told her that it would be pretty easy to see where her date may have different hopes or expectations than she does, and how that could get really awkward or even dangerous.

That made her laugh quite a bit. "You mean like, he thinks we are gonna have sex and I don't?". And yes, that was kinda my point. "Didn't I tell you that he's gay?" Well, no. No, you didn't. (Actually turns out that he is gay but hasn't come out to many people, although Munchkin is one of them...which I totally understand. She has that effect on people, people just naturally want to tell her everything!)

And yes, that kinda does makes it sorta better. I trust gay guys around her way more than I trust the straight ones;-) Not sure this alleviates my fears of drinking, driving, drugs and whatnot...but at least I know he won't try anything funny!

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