Monday, May 02, 2011

The Royal Wedding

OK, so I didn't watch the wedding, but I did see the (completely ridiculously over-the-top) recaps of it later in the day. And for now, I will skip over the part of completely not understanding the love of the royal family...

I wanna talk superficial stuff!!! First, William is not aging well: he was better looking at 23 or 25 than he is now. Maybe it is the hairline, but his teeth seem to be getting weird, too.

Kate, however, is a complete fox and always has been.

I liked the dress, but maybe didn't totally love it. I think that she was likely restricted to doing something that is at least a little bit more stuffy than she maybe wanted to, but she did still manage to have a very deep V that gave it some sexiness. But the sleeves and veil and whatnot I could have done without. If you start with the assumption that the dress has to be BIG (anything else wouldn't look grand enough in Westminster Abbey) and somewhat staid, then I guess it was really nice. But I wasn't blow away.

Pippa, on the other had...holy shnikes!!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that dress! And I love that she and Kate had the stones to but the maid of honor in white:-) Tradition be damned! And clearly, that dress wouldn't work on anyone who doesn't have her body, but still, that was a complete show-stopper. The pictures of her leading all of the flower girls and ring bearers in look like a scene out of a fairy tale.

The Queen looked super cute, too! Loved the yellow and loved her hat:-) Prince Charles was notably inconspicuous, but I think that makes sense. Everyone seemed so intent on reflecting on Diana during this that he couldn't really be prominent without stirring some likely angry emotions...same with Camilla (but seriously, can we just appreciate that they are happy together?). I do think it is cool that he wore a sword to church:-)

Anyway, that represents my entire thoughts on the event;-)


Our Happy Married Life... said...

ya, i didn't get in to all the craziness of the wedding and am so glad it's over. But, I did think Kate was absolutely stunning her sister is drop dead gorgeous too. I loved both dresses but agree Kate's wasn't anything to write home about. She would look good wearing white toilet paper though. :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Funny, I loved Kate's (Katherine??) dress from the waist up. I figured there were constraints regarding what was appropriate and I loved the lace detail (even though I'm definitely not a lacey girl when it comes to pretty much anything). I disliked the bottom half, felt it lacked continuity to the top. Based on the top, I thought the bottom should have less poof, less fluff. But, as you suggested, it probably wouldn't be grand enough for Westminster Abbey, thus the poof. Overall, I thought she looked simple, yet stunning.

MrsV said...

Haha are you sure I didn't write this post? I was just debating posting a recap and you have just posted pretty much my exact thoughts ;)

Little Miss Chatter Box said...

I too am IN LOVE with Pippa's dress, so much in fact i turned to my boyfriend (guess you could say fiance') and said I WANT TO WEAR THAT DRESS AT OUR WEDDING!!! he said, "i'm down that's so hot!"

I also agree, William is NOT aging well, but Harry is adoreable to me. My heart melted a little when it showed him in the carriage(?) with the kids from the bridal party talking and laughing with them!

Jenica said...

Actually, TRADITIONALLY, bridesmaids always dressed like the bride, to confuse any evil spirits who might wish the happy couple harm.

Apparently it's still pretty common in the UK for bridesmaids to wear white, just the US finds it odd.

Ys said...

LOL I can't believe how many American's are so obsessed with Wills's hair-loss. Honestly, it's not a big deal here in the UK. He's a royal, most of them bald prematurely ;)

I agree about the dresses. Pippa looked SO good! Although I did like the veil - I like a veil ;)

As for Camilla, I don't think anyone cares anymore do they? They're happy, the boys have always supported the relationship so I think the media was forced to shut up about it haha!

A said...

Yes on everything. You are right on. And also I want Pippa's reception dress and I want to wear it every day.

Anonymous said...

I always thought I am not a lace girl as well. And guess what?
My wedding dress has a lot of lace on it. Who would have thought? :-)
And it looks gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to actually wear it. ;-)

Loved Kate’s dressed. Think it looked very nice. Classy with just enough extra.

Kari said...

Love the recap! While I didn't get up early to watch it, I did watch some of it while I was at the gym. I was amazed that EVERYONE had there individual TV's tuned into it -- even the men. It's funny no one here really talked about the hair loss. It was the talk at work all day Friday (a much needed break from the election talk).
I am taking my nephew to Ottawa for Canada Day and I just found out that Will and Kate are going to be there -- should be a complete zoo!

Mrs. Adventure said...

I'm with you I don't really understand much about it but I loved "judging" all the photos with everyone. I'm with you on the Queen I loved her in yellow too cute.