Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer already?

So...Memorial Day is next weekend? When the fuck did that happen? Not that winter hasn't seemed like it has been here forever, but it now seems like summer has snuck up on us, too. Maybe because it has been cold and rainy for the last...well, forever...

Anyway, Munchkin finishes school on Thursday, and is moving to the beach this weekend, save for a couple of trips back in the next few weeks to fulfill her prom obligations:-P. Let the jealousy begin! She has a new job this summer as a more working at the ice cream place. And still at least two babysitting jobs, so she will be really, really busy. Somehow, I imagine she will still find time to hang out with her friends and break all the boys' hearts;-)

Honestly, I would love to be staying with her for the whole summer, but that's just not gonna work out this year. Boo!!! Her brother is going to come and stay again for the first two weeks of June, as is now a yearly tradition. She could probably be fine on her own, but I am not quite ready to do that just yet;-)

On a similar note, she managed to go to all three Cubs games at Fenway Park this weekend. While she may be losing her connections to Chicago, she has most definitely not lost her love of the Cubs...and since they were playing in Boston for the first time in like 100 years, she of course had to build her weekend around it. Who knows if it could be another 100 years before they come back:-)

Frenchie is coming here in a couple of weeks, and she is going to go there towards the end of the summer again. I am strongly considering going with her, but haven't made up my mind is really tempting!

Um...have I mentioned the disappearance of my boobs? Yea, I will cover that tomorrow...


MrsV said...

I wish I could leave on a beach for the summer, feeling a little bit jealous :) and nice to see frenchie is still in the picture that was actually my first thought when I started to read this post ahh young love lol

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Too bad Munchkin cheers for the wrong Chicago team. =)

Accidentally Me said...

Mrs. V - Oh, he isn't going anywhere. I can almost see a scenario where they decide to stop being boyfriend and girlfriend but remain really close friends. They just like each other way too much. I mean, heck, it has been like two and a half years now!!!

Nilsa - The Cubs thing is sort of weird...we definitely lived in a more White Sox area than a Cubs area. Her father was a Cubs fan (not sure why) and she inherited it. And now she has so little left of her father to remember, I think maybe she holds that kind of sacred.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wanna live on the beach for a whole summer too. :-(
In fact, would be happy to see at least a little bit of any beach that year.
It sucks not living close to the sea - and not going on holiday at all this year.

Great for her to see Frenchie again and of course to go to France again.