Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sesame Street

The girls like their high chairs...which is nice because they will sit there for a bit peacefully so long as one of us is in the room with them. That makes it pretty easy to clean the kitchen up while they giggle and play with whatever they can get their hands on. An easy way to extend that window is to turn on some Baby Einstein or Sesame Street videos for, usually after they eat their dinner, we give them some finger foods (cheerios, Goldfish, crackers, whatever) and fire up YouTube to keep them entertained for a bit.

I am not gonna lie: the Baby Einstein shit is weird. But they love it.

Sesame Street, however, is just plain awesome. And in tribute, I present to you the following list of my very favorite Sesame Street clips for Baby Meal Time. Many feature celebrities, but not all...and seriously, you should watch them all. They are mostly short and every one of them will make you smile:-)

5. Adam Sandler: A Song About Elmo. This one takes a while to get going and is sort of a mess (hey, it is Adam Sandler) but it totally rocks by the end. There are bananas and dragons and all sorts of made up words that rhyme with Elmo, so how can you really go wrong? I like how both Elmo and Adam Sandler refer to themselves in the third person, too.

4. What I am. OK, so he gave sort of a jackass interview recently, but I am going to ignore that for the time being. This is just super adorable and catchy and just wonderful all over:-) (Have I ever posed my Fugees-Black Eyed Peas question here? Which would be worse...being the non-Wyclef, non-Lauren Hill member of the Fugees, or being one of the non-Fergie members of the Black Eyed Peas? The Fugees are way cooler, but that guy has no one to share his pain, so...?)

3. Jason Mraz: Outdoors. I adore this:-) So much so that I will even say that it has kind of made me a Jason Mraz fan. Elmo's backup singing is just outstanding, too! It just makes me want to find Big Bird and Jason Mraz and have a picnic in a park!

2. Feist: Counting to Four. This and Jason Mraz are sort of tied, I guess. I would accept either one as #2. I always liked this song, so having it Sesame-ified is starting from a good place. But it has just the right mix of seriousness and playfulness...she definitely is not as comfortable in a humorous setting as, say, Adam Sandler is...but she pulls out four chickens just back from the shore! That is hard to top:-)

1. Elmo's Ducks. If you don't think this is the cutest thing ever, then you are simply a communist, plain and simple. "Everybody get together!" "Very good, ducks!" And the last duck? With the hoarse quack and the spinning problem? He is just plain freaking awesome. Add in Elmo's sweet country music shirt, his guitar and the dimmed-lights seriousness of having no ducks? Seriously, I dare you to watch that and not sing the song all day long!

And there, you have it. My favorite Sesame Street clips:-)


Lpeg said...

My bf does a great acoustic version of Ernie's (?) "I don't want to live on the moon" song. I'll have to send it to you sometime.. it makes a perfect nursery song.

Kari said...

I love sesame street! Tried to find some of the Canadian versions to send you -- but couldn't find the good ones.
Baby Einstein scares me...although I think I like it better than Max and Ruby.
Didn't the Baby Einstein people have to pay a bunch of $$ about false claims??

Thisisme said...

I never knew sesame street was so cool!!

I showed baby einstein to my mom when I was home visiting to prove how nutty is was. She thought it would be good for my nieces to watch- its way freaky!

A said...

That Baby Einstein shit is way too trippy for me. Sesame Street, however, kicks so much ass. I am loving the clips. ...probably a little too much.