Tuesday, July 12, 2011


After work yesterday, I met a couple of friends for a drink, which involved riding the Green Line about four stops. Normally I would have walked, but it was really hot and I didn't feel like getting all sweaty and gross. And of, course, the T was a mess...the train was late, one was taken out of service so there were a million people waiting to get on, so a couple in a row were packed and everyone was late and in a foul mood.

I was reading, and therefore not paying much attention, but out of nowhere, a girl reached over and tapped another girl (who was sitting, was big-chested and was wearing a very cleavage-intensive shirt) on the arm, motioned to a guy standing next to her and said:

"Excuse me, just thought you should know that this guy has been staring down your shirt since he got on the train."



Mrs. Adventure said...

LAMO and what did the girl do? Dude you can't end it there... did she get all awkward or did she take it in stride and say "nice aren't they?" to the guy?

XO - Rach

Accidentally Me said...

Not much happened after that...the guy mumbled something, I assume about not really staring at her boobs, and the girl kind pulled her shirt up, seemed a little embarrassed and got off the train at the next stop. So did he, but he went in the opposite direction.

Ys said...

Haha! I'm so not used to guys looking at my breasts that when they do I actually look down at my own chest to see what they're looking at. They always get really embarrassed.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Ok, I'm waffling between thinking that's absolutely hilarious and completely inappropriate. Meh-guess it could be both!