Monday, July 11, 2011

News! (Sort of)

Spent a glorious weekend at the beach, and am feeling a little bit fried today. I got a LOT of sun. But wishing very much that I was still there:-) It's pretty f'in hot up this way, and oh so lovely down there!

So, one of the great things about the Internet, and "virtual friends", is that you get to hear secrets long before they are public. Just as I told all of you that I was pregnant long before I announced it to "real" people (who don't read my blog:-P), several people have shared with me their quest to get pregnant, their heartbreaking failures and then their eventual successes. There is just something nice about being able to share news early on to people when you can't tell some family and friends yet.

I learned within the last week about two different people that are pregnant, and I am incredibly excited for each! Babies bring so much joy to people that really want them, and it makes me giddy to be let in on the secret early on:-). Many, many congrats to both (and the rest of you will just have to wait until they want to tell you:-P...cuz I am a good secret keeper!)

In other news, we are off to Chicago the weekend after next for BFFg's wedding, and I have been working on my toast. I am feeling an awful lot of pressure because it is really, really hard to say exactly what I want to say...and I feel the need for it to be perfect (of course!) And frankly, I am struggling to find words that have the magnitude I am looking for...English needs some better words, I think:-)

I am planning on posting it once I am done though, to get feedback:-)

Until then, enjoy the heat!


Mrs. Adventure said...

I love using the thesaurus for this exact reason... although your speech would be way better than any I could come up with seeing as how I need a thesaurus :o).

PS: I'm talking about a dictionary not dinosaur so we are clear XO.

MrsV said...

Yay for BFPs :)