Wednesday, July 06, 2011

One more advantage of being a good looking girl

I would like to have an opinion on Casey Anthony's guilt or innocence, I really would, but I haven't spent more than three minutes paying attention to the whole trial. Everyone sure seems convinced that she is guilty, including Kim Kardashian, whose family is obviously a firm believer in innocence until proven guilt.

I think the part of this that I have found most interesting as a non-observer is wondering why this has become THE story. Sure, murders of little kids are not terribly common, but they do happen, and not every one of them becomes a nationwide obsession. Like, for example, this one from earlier this week. A quick Google search showed an entire family of five murdered, a woman convicted of murder for setting a fire that killed an 8 year old, and a man convicted of a second murder: he was already guilty of beating a woman to death, but he was found guilty of the murder of her baby who died nine days after being delivered after the mother died.

(I am just full of cheer today, eh?)

So, why is Casey Anthony such big news? And while we are at it (because the reason is the same), why is Amanda Knox such big news, and why was Natalie Holloway such a colossal story, when plain old vanilla murders like those happen all the time: there were 15,000 of them in the United States in 2009 alone.

Because, obviously, anything involving good looking girls gets sent straight to the front of our attention agenda. I am not really breaking any new ground here, but if Casey Anthony looked like...oh, the 199 other mothers who (allegedly, of course) killed their children last year...then she probably would have been treated like them.

So, what's my point? I is too easy to blame "the media", because they basically just report on what we want to hear (or what they think we want to hear, at least). I don't really have anything to offer on ways we can rectify this, or even really know if it is a problem that needs fixing.

I guess, if you feel like killing someone, make sure you are a hot chick so that you get a high-profile attorney to defend you in exchange for the publicity?

Argh...this is the worst post ever!!!


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You'd classify Casey Anthony as good looking? I didn't follow the trial all that closely, either, but it's sort of hard to ignore. And, every time I see her on TV, I can't get beyond her really weird hairline and awful attempts at something more than a simple ponytail. It's awful. I'm awful. Going to hell now.

Accidentally Me said...

She is good looking by "Baby murderer" standards.

Joining you in hell:-)

Mrs. Adventure said...

I'd agree with you that it happens all the time. I honestly can't say I watched the entire trial or heard all the evidence but I can say that no "sane" person fakes a murder. Either way she should be locked up - maybe in the same cell as OJ they'd have a lot to talk about anyway.

And if she's good looking, I'm a hot mess :o) joining you both in hell. XO.

Meg said...

My opinion of why she looks guilty as hell... If Caylee had indeed accidentally drowned as the defense claims, who, in their right mind, tries to cover up an accident to make it look like a murder? She spun lie after lie, made up person after person... it's just hard to believe that someone that would go to all that trouble would not be guilty. Also, who gets a tattoo while their daughter is "missing" that translates to "Good life"... whose life is good when their child is missing? Maybe it's a good life now because she had "disposed" of the child.

Buuuut... apparently the defense did create enough reasonable doubt that someone else COULD have done it (i.e. her dad)... but to me, the most evidence points to her.

And she was definitely not good looking during the trial. The pics of her partying while Caylee was "missing" make her look decent, but definitely not during the trial... she was a hot mess then.

Theo said...

This sums up my feelings on the case as well. I haven't been following it, but the receptionist at work has been watching it while working for however long. So I hear about it secondhand.

Still, I have more of an opinion about how much attention this case is getting than guilt/innocence.

nicole d. said...

I think that the media did give this alot of attention but in my opinion, anyone who does not report their child missing until a whole month later seems guilty to me. The fact that she is going to be free as a bird in only 6 days makes me ill. But I am sure that she will not have a "good life" now. Whether or not she is guilty, people will never look at her without accusation.