Monday, June 11, 2012


Truly spectacular weekend at the beach...just the immediate pretend family and one cousin. Great weather, great company and lots of laughing.

We got most of Munchkin's stuff moved down there, although I still have a lot to bring next weekend. She got back on Thursday and got herself pretty well packed up on Friday. Both her car (the Jeep) and mine were completely packed, and there were still some clothes and stuff that didn't make it. Can't quite fit as much in my car as we used to be able to...what with the car seats and the stroller;-) I should be able to get the rest to her next weekend.

She didn't start work until today, so we had a nice weekend to hang out, debrief on her trip and relax a bit before I said goodbye again for the summer (most of it, anyway:-)). She had another great trip to Paris, and the two of them are very much talking about how nice it will be when he is here in a year more permanently. As I have written, I have slightly mixed feelings about that...but mostly, I will just be happy that she doesn't have to fly across an ocean just to see him. I will feel even better if they are not in the same city, but we will see how that goes;-)

The girls were sort of weirdly at each other all weekend. Not totally sure what was up, but they seemed to by fighting over toys and shoes and people the whole time. They still spent most of the time giggling together, but there were a whole bunch of screaming fits. I very much hope that is a phase, because it irritates me to no end!!!

Have I mentioned how well they eat? I hear from people all of the time that toddlers are impossible to feed, and that they don't like eating vegetables...that is not a problem in my household. They eat everything, basically. Which is not to say that they don't have favorites, but they will eat whatever I put in front of them. Saturday? Breakfast was yogurt, scrambled eggs and strawberries. Lunch was a turkey sandwich and some potato chips (they wanted more of those:-)) and dinner was swordfish, salad and grilled asparagus. THEY EAT SALAD!!! LK eats tomatoes like they are cookies!

I count myself very fortunate for this. Making their lunch in the morning is really easy...whatever we have in the refrigerator will do just fine. They eat steamed vegetables...corn, peas, broccoli, green beans and carrots...without any butter or salt or anything. Just heat them up and hand them over and they will devour them! Obviously, that makes planning a whole lot easier, too...we never have to worry about finding something for them to eat in a restaurant. If they serve food, there is something for them to eat.

I guess that isn't a terribly important topic for a Monday, but you get what you get;-) Maybe I will get more interesting as the week goes along:-P


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Gavin has started in with some terrible tantrums over absolutely nothing. I think it's part of the reason why toddler are all grouped together into the "terrible two's" regardless of how old they really are.

Also? Gavin might not eat a ton of vegetables, but he isn't a terribly picky eater otherwise. We never choose where we're going to eat based on his habits, because there will always be something he likes. And if there are fries on the menu, we might as well not order anything else for him, because once he sees fries on the table, he'll refuse all other food. hahah.

Ally said...

So any tips on how to introduce solids based on your experience with two? It's almost that time for us, and I'd love to have a good eater (hopefully better than his mama:)