Monday, June 18, 2012

On Father's Day, I...

Woke up next to The Boy, and immediately thought about how lucky I am that he is the father of my two little girls.

Did my very best to let him know that;-)

Made him bacon, eggs and French toast for breakfast. Then watched, with melting heart, as he shared all of it with those two little girls.

Helped the girls give him his Father's Day cards.

Played with the girls on the beach.

Helped my sister with an essay she is entering into a writing contest through school.

Made a tentative plan to visit a half-dozen east coast colleges with her in August.

Ate lunch with The Boy, my very best friends and the closest substitute that I have for a father.

Gave him his father's day present, and helped the girls give him their cards.

Tucked The Boy and the girls in for a two hour nap.

Raced back to have dinner with my very dear Father-in-Law.

Put the girls to sleep early and enjoyed a couple of hours of peace with The Boy.

And didn't think once about my own father once.
I don't think I am sad about that.

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Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Your father's day sounds absolutely perfect. Makes me love that we are able to define and celebrate family in so many ways.