Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Secrets and Marvelous Gifts

I think I have been pretty open about my love of blogland...and of the quasi-anonymous relationships that get formed. My favorite part? Being let in on secrets before real, offline relationships. And for whatever reason...the desire of people that I meet to tell me things extends from the real world into this world.

And you know what else? I have another secret! More very good news from one of my dearest "blog-friends" that the rest of you probably won't hear about until maybe a month from now or so.

Nanny. Nanny. Boo. Boo.

However, I am not one to tease you like that and give you nothing in return (I have been called a lot of things in my life, but "a tease" is not one of them:-P). Therefore, you can thank me for telling you that Old Navy sells this. Everyone should own one.


Mrs. Adventure said...

Holy crap I can't believe you came across that… who would have thought?

brookem said...

i owe you an email, speaking of blog love and secrets and such. also, that's a fantastic shirt, ha!