Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Boy is a better parent than I am. I have no shame in admitting this, and no major plans to try and rectify it. That probably seems a little odd, since I have more experience as a parent (sort of) and because mother's are supposed to have some innate caring gene that makes them superior. Right?

But he is much more patient with them than I am, and more ambitious, too. He gets a little less frazzled when they are in one of their "rotten tomato!" moods and is better at soothing them when they are totally out of their mind. Not that they don't love Mommy, but occasionally one of them will have a total freakout and only want him (sometimes they only want me, but more often it is him).

They listen to him more (marginally) and I think they argue with him less about which clothes or shoes they are wearing that day. Sometimes they demand that only he change their diapers. I never argue about that (the only thing they demand of me is bath time...go figure)

There is one thing, however, that remains entirely my domain...hair. He is pretty good at a basic ponytail, and he understands how a hair clip works, but he has a pretty limited set of hair-styling skills. Braids? Pigtails? Two little ponytails connecting to one in the back? You gotta go to Mommy for those;-)

It is nice to feel needed...


Our Happy Married Life... said...

i have a feeling you are a FAR better mother than you give yourself credit for. :)

Brian said...

Attention The Boy:

Solution = hats.

You're welcome.

Mrs. Adventure said...

I have a feeling this is exactly how I'll feel once our little one arrives. The husband is soooo much more patient that I am not to mention 'cool'. I know our children will love me but I have a feeling they'll be smitten with him just as I am.



PS: I still can't braid my own hair worth a crap.

Accidentally Me said...

Married Life - I'm not saying I am a bad mother...just that he is a better parent than me:-)

Brian - Hats are not a hair management solution...they won't keep them on! They take them on and off constantly.

Rachel - Being cool will help, because they do at least one thing a week that totally and completely freaks you out:-)

MrsV said...

Our little guy is a total mommas boy and I keep telling hubby if we have a daughter he'll be the favourite to make him feel better lol I've heard from many people this is what happens

I really wouldn't mind getting out of diaper duty ;)