Friday, October 31, 2008

2008 Election Experiment - Please respond!

For the last...oh...year or so, I have periodically written all kinds of things about the election, about the issues, and about the candidates. Click on the "Politics" tag to get most of it, although I wrote some in the first half of the year before I started tagging those posts. I suppose if you search "Obama" or "McCain", you will probably get all of them. Here, this will probably do.

Anyone who reads this regularly, assuming you didn't skip this stuff, has seen a pretty large sampling of my thoughts on the election. What I would like now is for some feedback from those of you who have read parts or all of the stuff I have written.

Please leave me a comment, or send an email to and answer these questions:

1) Who do you plan to vote for (or will you, or can you vote)?

2) Who do you think that I am going to vote for?

3) Where do you live/vote?

Obviously, if you can't or won't vote...I still want you to answer #2 (that means you, foreigners!!!). Also, please feel free to elaborate on why you are voting for or against any of the candidates involved.

I will tell you a little more about what I am up to on Tuesday, when I will also tell you who I am going to vote for:-)

Other than that...Happy Halloween, Happy Weekend, and don't forget to turn your clock forward!


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Happy Halloween -I'll e-mail you!

dawn said...

I can't vote -- I'm a Canadian living in the U.S., and do not yet have my U.S. citizenship -- but:

1) Who do you plan to vote for (or will you, or can you vote)?

If I could vote, I'd vote for Barack Obama. Do I think he's the be-all and end-all, and can solve all the problems out there? No. But John McCain makes my skin crawl, and not in that good special way. :)

2) Who do you think that I am going to vote for?

If I had to guess (and it seems that you're making me do just that), I'd say that you're voting for Obama.

3) Where do you live/vote?

I live in Connecticut.

PS. It’s really strange -- I’ve never, never in my whole life, had any interest in politics. Never. Not the Canadian politics that I grew up with. Not the American politics that, come election time, made -- not just the U.S. -- but the whole world different. Never. But this election is different. I watched (most of) the debates. I read your blog posts. I’m INTERESTED.

laurwilk said...

Happy Halloween!

Don't we turn the clocks back? We 'fall back' and 'spring forward', right?

AM, you're getting me all confused!

Katie said...

I have no shame. I'll answer your questions honestly.

1) I will be voting for McCain. I don't like him especially, but I could elaborate for days on why Obama is worse for our country.

2) I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago so I haven't read much of your political stuff. From what I have read, I suspect you will be voting for McCain. (This is based on your "Election Rant" post a few days ago)

3) I live and vote in Atlanta, Georgia

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, first time caller. I really enjoy your blog and your writing, although I have no idea why.

1. McCain. Just a safer choice out of two not so appealing choices. I think the only thing a President can do to an economy is screw it up, and Obama has too many grand plans that he'll wind up screwing us. I'm jewish too, and Obama's ties, even if 5% true, scare the heck out of me. I also think the world is still very dangerous and we need a President who is perceived as crazy so the real crazies don't attack us.

2. McCain too.

3. Formerly NYC, now Fairfield County, CT

Anonymous said...

1) As weird as this sounds, I am one of the 1 in 7 who have yet to make up their minds. McCain's age coupled with Palin scare the hell out of me. Obama's economics and health plan seem ill conceived. Choice is usually my deciding issue when all else fails but it is not so controlling right now. I think it'll come down to how I feel at the moment I close the curtain.

2) I think you're struggling too - but leaning towards Obama

3) Maryland

Anonymous said...

1) Who do you plan to vote for (or will you, or can you vote)?

I will be voting for Obama bright and early Tuesday morning.

2) Who do you think that I am going to vote for?

Obama, maybe, just because McCain is scary.

3) Where do you live/vote?

Richmond, VA, USA

Anonymous said...

1) Who do you plan to vote for (or will you, or can you vote)?

I'm voting for McCain. I just think he's the better candiate for the job.

2) Who do you think that I am going to vote for?

I'm thinking McCain, too.

3) Where do you live/vote?

Virginia's for LOVERS, baby!

Anonymous said...

Another lurker here.
1. I am voting for McCain. It is more that I am voting against Obama than for McCain.

2. I think you are voting for McCain. Just a hunch.

3. Charlotte, NC

Accidentally Me said...

Excellent responses so far! Keep them coming!!!

Heidi said...

Another lurker!
1. I am doing the same as the previous lurker, voting against Obama, not necessarily "FOR" anyone else. (I voted by absentee, since I am in college and living away from my home town of Atlanta, GA. Second ATL-er who has responded to this!)

2. I think you are voting Obama, but I have not read too many of your political posts in detail, so I may be wrong. (I would be delighted if I was! ;)

Heidi said...

I take it back! I think you are for neither Obama nor McCain.

ella said...

1. I'm a left wing liberal so take your guess.

2. I hope Obama, then again you're a banker so maybe you'll vote for McCain and she who shall not be named.

3. In a blue state filled with beaches and sunshine. :)

I already sent in my absentee ballot.

Irene said...

Well, I can't vote in the US because I live in Germany but if I could I would vote for Obama, based on the things I have heard (we watched parts of the Debates on CNN Europe), because I am totally Democrat (in Germany, too) and because I think McCain is not really much better than Bush.

As for 2) I can't really say, because I haven't been following your blog for a long time. After scanning through your "Politics" posts I'd say McCain, hoping I am wrong for reasons explained above...

Nicole said...

1) I live in Canada so I can't vote but Damn I wish we had more interesting candidates here when we have an election! I would be voting for Obama for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the same as Anon 12:43, McCain's age and Palin(!!!). I just dread the thought of him croaking and her leading the United States...

2) I am really not sure who you are voting for...for a long time I thought it was Obama, then McCain, now I have no clue. But I am going to say Obama.

3) I live in teeny, tiny Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

1. Obama: Have not drunk the Kool-Aid, don't think he's god just ready for a change--however, realize his ideas aren't different than any democrate before him.

2. I'm witholding my guess but will tell you via Google Talk. :-)

3. Portlant, OR/Seattle, WA

brandy said...

This is an interesting topic, and it's hard not to notice that almost everyone who is voting for Obama thinks that's who you are going to vote for and almost everyone who is voting McCain thinks that's who you are going to vote for. Clearly you've done a good job at disguising who you are leaning towards.

Anonymous said...

1. obama, because i feel he's the lesser of two evils.

2. obama.

3. fairfield county, ct.

Anonymous said...

1) Who do you plan to vote for (or will you, or can you vote)?
I can't vote - I'm German and living in Germany.
If I could vote, I am really not sure for whom I would vote. But I guess I would choose Barack Obama.

2) Who do you think that I am going to vote for?
I really have no clue for whom you are voting. You made a very good job about not letting too much out. But I guess you might vote for Mc Cain. Just a feeling and I am absolutely NOT sure.

3) Where do you live/vote?
I live in a little village close to Landshut, Bavaria, Germany.

Ys said...

I can't vote but am hoping you'll all vote for Obama. Your country and our world needs a change from the Bush/McCain mill.

I think you'll vote Obama but you do like McCain a lot more than is healthy ;)

I'm in Wales! And I vote labour ;)

Ally said...

I voted for McCain in Georgia.

I don't think you care for either of the candidates, although I think you could argue vehemently for either. I'm not sure that on any given day you're sure who you'd vote for, but I'm guessing that McCain's craziness of late could drive you to vote for Obama, who I know you don't really like. Hmm. Maybe you'll vote McCain, so you will feel more entitled to complain during Obama's presidency?

jennifer said...

1. Obama
2. McCain?
3. North Carolina

HappyascanB said...

I'm voting for McCain, but to me it's more like supporting the lesser of two evils. I suspect you'll vote for Obama, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Oh, and I live in Georgia.