Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beach Bums

So, I had possibly the best idea ever while chatting with Ally the other day. In anticipation of going back to school in the fall, why don't I just quit my job in May (instead of August) and spend the whole summer at the beach with Munchkin? Maybe I could get a job in the same place and be her boss:-P

OK, so that presents some issues...most notably that the world of leveraged finance pays better than the world of operating a fryolator, and that three month drop in income could be an issue. Not to mention that I am not committed to going back just yet anyway.

Which is too bad, because that would pretty much rule. We'd be just about the cutest pair of beach bums you have ever seen;-). I'd even go back to being a blond and let me hair get super sun bleached...and think of all the ice cream!!! Anyway, not real practical, but a girl can dream, can't she?

This gets me to an interesting point. I had a conversation with one of the partners here yesterday. He is about 60, and getting close to retiring. I asked him when the natural desire to take a summer vacation goes away.

He said "I dunno...maybe when you retire? I will let you know."


Ally said... hair is already blond; I have a job that I can do from the beach; I have extensive experience with children, and I would "parent" Munchkin for free. I think you're crazy for not accepting this offer....

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

I'm tempted to do the same. It will be just like old times, just the three of us...Think of the trouble we could get into!

Accidentally Me said...

OK, you are both in. Summer '09! Best Summer Ever!

Who else is joining us?

Big Sis said...

BOSTON, MA - Firm You Have Never Heard Of, LLP, has announced the opening of its second location. Says Managing Partner Papa Bear "We have decided that the organization will be dramatically more dynamic and productive if we open this second location. It will allow us to recruit and retain more outstanding talent."

The satellite office, located in Nantucket, MA, will initially be staffed by one Principal and one Senior Analyst, and will work in close concert with the firm's primary location in Boston. It is expected to operate only seasonally, and will have no contact information. "I wouldn't try to track us down," offered one anonymous employee who is believed to be in charge of the new office, "I don't see the phone being answered much."

It is also believed that the office will act as a business development tool. Mr. Bear added "It certainly will offer us the change to interface with clients and potential partners in a more casual setting. You would be amazed what great deals you can get out of folks when they are drunk."

Accidentally Me said...

Love it! I like how you went ahead and appointed yourself as in charge of this new office...that was a slick move:-)