Monday, March 02, 2009

I liked the weather yesterday morning much better...

Well ain't this a bitch...apparently I am being punished for enjoying the nice weather a little bit too much last week, because Mother Nature is bitch slapping us today. We were greeted by something like a foot of snow this morning, freshly fallen overnight. Quite the rude welcome back for me! Not for Munchkin, though...she gets the day off from school. Hopefully she will cook dinner:-D

So, vacation was awesome...just a really, really great time! I'm happy that I got to do that for Tinkerbelle...every kid should get to Disney World! Mostly, I am just really grateful that we got to spend the whole week together. It's really the little moments that end up becoming, after we went to the store on Wednesday, we stopped for dinner at a random little pizza shop and split a small cheese pizza and an order of mozzarella sticks. And we giggled a lot:-) Obviously not the most significant event of the trip, but it is just a nice moment that I will always remember.

The weekend was great. Munchkin and Smoking Hot Roommate got to the house at about 5:00 on Thursday, just in time for dinner and sunset cocktails...(one minor design flaw...the house faces west, so the sun sets in front of the house, but the ocean is on the you can't sit on the deck and watch the sun set over the ocean...wrong side of Florida!!! And yes, that was my biggest problem last week and you can call me out for my bitching all you want;-))

Beyond that, we pretty much hung out on the beach and wasted time! We did go for a boat ride on Saturday, which was pretty fun...the neighbor had a new boat so we joined them for an afternoon ride. I am not a huge boat person, but it was still pretty fun. Some other neighbors had a bunch of family down and had a huge cookout on the beach on Friday which we also dropped in on for a bit.

That was about it for the excitement, though...the rest of the time was spent sunning, eating, drinking and reading trashy magazines. Oh, I am seriously considering an all-out ban on Munchkin wearing a bikini until she is 21. At least if there are any teenage boys within 3 miles...

Back to the grind today, though...and there was a lot of work waiting for me. And I am in serious need of some Boy time (and I don't just mean that sexually!). I have a little mini-surprise planned for him next weekend, which is not terribly elaborate but should be a really good time. He needs a vacation very badly!!!

Speaking of that it too early to talk about my next one? In three weeks...? Yea, I will keep that to myself for now:-) I don't wanna sounds tacky.


A said...

Glad to know that you're home safe and that the rest of your trip was a-maz-ing. Sorry about the rude awakening via Mother Nature. (That bitch!)

Ally said...

I'm glad you had a good vacation (even if it does make Boston's weather seem even more unfair than usual) and had some good time with TB. And I want details of this other vacation!?! Lucky you:) I can't complain though....I declared today a "snow day" even though there is no snow whatsoever here.

laurwilk said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't believe you're complaining about where the sun is setting. Hahaha, that's how you know you are spoiled!

I want to hear about Boy's surprise! And vacation in three weeks? I didn't know this!

Ys said...

Sounds like fun was had :) Glad it went so well. What's this about another holiday? ;)

I love Ally's idea of having a snow day even if there isn't any snow... hehehe!