Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some serious, some not

I had a parent-teacher conference after work yesterday. I still feel kind of ridiculous going to those things, since there are kids in the high school there that would be less likely to get carded in a bar than I am. Heck, I got asked to the prom three years ago (true story)!

And it was all glowing as usual...seriously, the kid is just about perfect, we have established that. She gets all A's, does all her work, helps other kids with theirs, pleasure to have in class, social leader among her peers and everyone likes her. We can rehash that if you would like;-) but I feel like I have covered it ad nauseum before.

But...I had a really interesting conversation wit the guidance counselor. She asked me what I thought of Munchkin's interactions with her classmates, and then eventually followed up that she gets a little concerned that she doesn't really interact with kids her own age as equals. They very much look up to her, and she operates on a totally different emotional and psychological level. Because of that, her relationships with her peers are maybe different than they would normally be.

Now, the guidance counselor is a total dingbat (she is probably too young to have eaten the brown acid at Woodstock, but maybe there were some leftovers), and I would have politely ignored her, except that I have thought the same thing before. I am not even sure that it is a problem...but I guess I do worry that she will sometimes feel like there are things that she can't talk to her friends about that she should. Hopefully, she can at least talk to me (or one of her pretend least once she talked through a friend-issue with Big Sis and never really raised it with me).

So, I am not really sure that there is anything I can or even should do about it. I think it is a valid point, and I could always have her see the child therapist that she saw when she first moved here to see if there is more to it. For now, though, I think I just need to file it away and keep it in mind...

On to less serious things!

It's Final Four time! After my near-miss last year (damn you, Memphis!!!) I am more determined than ever to win it this year. Of course, that doesn't mean that I am determined enough to, I dunno, watch any of it or anything...but you get my drift.

And I have to fill out my bracket by noon, so I will take any helpful hints that you have to offer. Other than picking my alma mater and picking against our evil, snooty rival, I am open to pretty much anything.


Katie said...

I don't know Munchkin, obviously, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

I'm not sure there is much you can do about this. As long as Munchkin is happy in her relationships, I really don't even see much of a problem. Eventually, her peers will catch up with her in regards to maturity and it will be a more level playing field. Teen years are awkward anyway so I wouldn't spend too much time worrying. She'll be fine

A said...

Ummmm. Pick Michigan in their first game. I don't know who they're playing, but I think they'll win it. Do it for me.

(I went to one Michigan basketball game the entire time I was there. I'm pretty clueless. But I swear I have a good feeling.)

I, too, think that Munchkin will be fine. Her relationship with her peers may be different, but I don't know that it is bad for her...

Still just me said...

I had the school actually call Social Services on me because my Logan was "too mature for her age".

Munchkin, like Logan, has had a few things happen in her life that other kids her age have not experienced. These kids either gain strength from it, or become emotional wrecks.

Our girls have gained strenght. Her "maturity" isn't affecting her grades, her social life, or family atmosphere, so I wouldn't worry about it one bit.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think Munchkin has a very different set of real-world experiences than her classmates. She is different, but not in a necessarily bad way. You can't force her to have the same life perspective as her peers because, quite simply, she doesn't. So long as she does have outlets (whether they're her peers, your friends, you, etc.) whom she trusts and is able to enjoy childhood, who are we to determine how she should enjoy it?! To me, she sounds like a pretty remarkable young lady!

As far as your brackets go, my best advice is DOWN WITH DUKE! =)

Ys said...

Unfortunately life works out harder for some than others and so they're forced to mature faster. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a bad thing, though. I'd agree with the other commenters and say that her friends will catch up with her eventually. There's sure to be tough, upsetting, lonely times for her as she grows up but that happens to kids who haven't had to grow up fast too so as long as she has a good support network (which she clearly does) then I think she'll be fine :)

just me said...

my mom always told me i turned 35 when i was 6 (when my parents divorced). i always felt & acted older than my peers, but i don't think there was anything really wrong with that...we all have our own path. now that i'm in my late 30's i occasionally feel like a teenager!

=> it will work out