Monday, March 09, 2009

There are few problems that an 80 minute massage can't solve is New England for you: Last Monday we got a foot of snow. Tuesday and Wednesday were bitterly cold (like 20's and windy). Thursday and Friday were pretty nice, Saturday was about 60 and very, very springlike. Sunday was similar; a little cooler and a breezy. Today is 32 and snowing. Later on, the forecast is promising "Icy". So in the last week we have had two snowstorms, and two days where people were out in shorts and flip flops (60 feels really, really warm at the end of winter.).

We are into the crazy time of year where temperatures can fluctuate anywhere within about a 50 degree band for a few months. Unfortunately, the standard is "cold and rainy" for the next month or so, which is pretty annoying...but you can all curse us during our lovely summer.

Anyway, the weekend was absolutely awesome "vacation" was just about the best idea I have had in a while. They offered in-room massages, but that actually kinda creeped me out a little bit, so we had them in the spa instead. 80 minutes, which was an absolute dream (he may have spent a couple of minutes snoring;-)) I felt like I had just had a bowl of Quaalude soup by the time it was done.

We wandered over to PF Chang's (all of this is within a block or two) and had a pretty light least as light as you can have at a Chinese restaurant (really just some munchies: dumplings and chicken lettuce wraps). Then we got some stuff at Finale to bring back to the room.

I think we were back by about 7:30 and just spent the rest of the night hanging out in bed and in the tub. We ate chocolate, drank some wine and just enjoyed each other's company. Topics of conversation shall remain private, although at some point soon I have to write a couple of very, very long posts explaining some things.

He may have"conducted a thorough study of my body art"...

Then we slept in our giant, incredibly comfortable bed, woke up to some more spine-rocking sex, and went back to the spa for breakfast and facials. I managed to convince him that his manhood is not in jeopardy if he got a facial (hee, hee...and no, I did not have to resort to "if you get a facial, you can give me one";-)...that's gross, get your mind out of the gutter!). And then we packed up for the long trip home:-P.

All in all, it was a really nice way to spend a day, and I highly recommend the concept if you feel like getting away without going anywhere!

Special bonus points to anyone who knows the archives well enough to figure out what Sportscenter story got me all excited last night, too:-)


The Boy said...

I'm in agreement: this was one of your best ideas ever. It was much needed, and I left feeling completely refreshed.

A little bit gay, but completely refreshed.

Becky said...

Ok, after reading your tattoo post, I'm dying to know what you look like. You don't come across as the tattoo type. Whatever that is.

I'm glad you both enjoyed the weekend. Sounds like The Boy needs some down time. I hope whatever he is going through works out for the best.

Was the Sportscenter story about the winner of the NASCAR race in Atlanta yesterday?

anne said...

I'd heard that as new parents this is the best vacation - get someone to watch the kids and check into a hotel in town.