Friday, February 12, 2010

Cupid rhymes with Stupid...just saying

Anybody have any fun plans for Valentine's Day? As I mentioned last year, it should always fall mid-week, as it is just fun enough to spice up a work day, but not fun enough to devote lots of energy to. It is a good excuse to wear red and get flowers at work...but anything beyond that is overkill.

Munchkin got her flowers at school today from her brother, which he does every year and she appreciates dearly. Not sent Frenchie a package of stuff earlier this week, and I have to feel like he has something cooked up for her as well. I hope so...she is totally bummed to be missing the ski trip this weekend, and that would cheer her up.

I can't imagine that we will actually do anything on Sunday...not worth leaving the house for. Maybe my two Valentines will cook me dinner:-) Wouldn't that be real sweet of them? Or maybe they will get sick of me and go out on their own Valentines As long as they bring me something chocolate.

The Olympics start tonight, which I am sort of excited about. I like the summer Olympics better, but the winter Olympics do contain my favorite set of athletes...totally badass snowboarder chicks. I especially like how they always seem to be completely stoned:-) I am hereby vowing that each of my daughters will get the chance to be super hot, totally kick-ass snowboarders...adorable bundles of pigtails, puffy pants and pot...

That's all I got for you today...have a fun Valentine's Day if I don't write before then:-)


Dawn said...

Of the two of us, my husband is the big romantic, not me. So, yeah, we're going out for dinner for Valentine's Day. But I convinced him to go tonight so we don't have to fight the crowds for dinner on Sunday. We're going for sushi; something we go for 3-4 times per month anyway.

Oh. And he shamed me into agreeing to exchange gifts. Actually, he said, "You don't have to get me anything" [I usually don't] but then went on to ask what kind of jewelry I'd like. [He always buys me a V-Day gift, but this one was going to be jewelry and he felt stumped.] I got him a magnetic toy thing -- a bunch of little balls that can be rearranged. I told you I wasn't the romantic one in this couple! :)

A said...

Ummm. You know, your little ladies could be really tiny, cute-ass figure skaters in amazing sequined dresses, too.

(Hi. Consider this my offer for free coaching.)

Or tough little hockey girls.

(My sister can provide this coaching.)

Happy V Day!