Thursday, February 04, 2010

No means "No". Unless it means "maybe".

So, as I am sure none of you are at surprised about, I got talked out of a firm "no" on the trip to St. Bart's in March. Munchkin can be really persuasive, and she is really hard to say no to!

I agreed to the following...if her doctor and physical therapist say that she is cleared to be on her foot without any restriction (except for running and sports, which will be out for a while), and if my doctors still say that everything looks OK and there are no signs of pre-term labor, then I will let her go. I think that her foot will be the real issue, and at a minimum, this will ensure that she is really good about her PT instructions until then, which will only be good for her. So that is that, and we will have to see how it unfolds.

In the meantime, I am nervous for tomorrow's doctor's appointment. Things have gone really well on the quasi-bed rest front and I still feel great. And I can definitely feel a difference...there is less of a feeling of them weighing down (and kicking me so much) in the crotch. Hopefully, that feeling of eased stress is reflective of the actual state of my cervix. Status quo will be totally OK by me...

Wish me luck!


Lisa said...

Good luck!

Exgf said...

Saying an extra prayer for you today as you go to the doctor!!!

YAY Babies!!!!