Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who wants to be my nanny? continue my thought from last week...while I am not totally sold on figure skating as a sport, I wouldn't really argue it that strongly because basically when it gets down to it, usually the guy who does the hardest jumps without falling wins. But ice dancing? C'mon!!! The announcer seriously reported that one girl would get extra points because of the good sideways twinkle in her eyes. Also, she looks like a character from Avatar...

None of these, however, hold a candle to Solo Synchronized Swimming as the dumbest thing I have ever seen because it is both asinine and completely inaccurately named.

Moving on...

Super awesome and fun baby shower:-). I was pretty good about staying reclined the whole time, even though it was pretty hard because I really wanted to be up and around to greet people and whatnot. And we got all kinds of super cute baby girl clothes and stuff that almost makes me really excited about having babies. At the moment, it is filling up The Boy's parents living room until we make some room for it. He has a little bit of furniture moving to do before we can move the stuff in.

Some things I have decided on:

There shall be only one crib. At least for the first couple of one really seemed to think there was a need for two, and it will save on the furniture buying, moving and assembling for now.

There shall also only be one of a whole bunch of other things like swings, bouncy seats, play mats, etc. If we need a second because they both love being in them at the same times, we can always get another one later on, but there is no reason to get over-cluttered if we don't need to.

There shall maybe be no new car. We sort of thought we would get a new one, but don't really need it. Mine is going on six years old, but it has really low mileage and is probably big enough. If I thought that we would be heading back and forth to the beach every weekend in the summer with three adults, two babies and all of their stuff, then I think we would have gotten something bigger with a third row. But since Munchkin will be at the beach all summer (and could always ride down with someone else if she had to) it doesn't seem really necessary.

There shall likely be a nanny. Simply put, it is cheaper and more flexible than day care. Having babies in day care is both really expensive (roughly $2,000 a month each) and inflexible (you can't do part is all day, five days a week or nothing). I can adjust my schedule so I have no classes one day a week (at least) and The Boy can likely work four days a week as well (or like four and a half by having one of his real or my pretend cousins who are in the 14-18 year old age come over after school to babysit so he can work from home that afternoon.) His Mom said that she wants to do at least one full day a week permanently (seriously, how awesome is she?) which leaves us needing to fill in like a day or two every week with a Nanny. This means I have to start looking for one...

Alright, that is a lot for one Sunday night I will have to continue this brain dump later on;-) Toodles!


Lisa said...

hi there, kudos on not buying the double of everything.. A side-thought on the bouncy-seats: if your're considering to buy those things where the feet touch the ground and one can move around the apartment in, I would disadvice you. Seems some kids who spend quite some time in those had a harder time later on in learning how to walk. Just a little info I remembered.

Hope everything is allright in accidentally-land!

Kari said...

Yeah for fun baby shower! Glad you are not doing the "must have two of everything thing"...that gets $$$ and takes up tonnes of space...a few of my friends have twins and the only thing that they had two of was bumbo seats....all have said that they were the best thing and they don't take up tonnes of room (but you won't need them for atleast a few months).
If I lived closer I would totally be your nanny :)
Glad you have such a wonderful MIL!


Irene said...


if you should decide to get an Au Pair someday let me know I work for an international Au Pair Organisation and German Au Pairs are really good!! :) (I used to be one back in 1998)

A said...

Sign me up to nanny!

I know that it might not look like it, but ice dancing is really frickin' hard and intricate and sporty. Ice dancers are unquestionably the better pure skaters (use of the blade on the ice, I mean) than any of the singles/pairs skaters.

laurwilk said...

I will nanny. Seriously.

And I feel that I have quite the competitive resume. I dare you to find another nanny who have seven siblings and who has spent half the time with kids that I have.

Plus, we're friends. Duh.

So, I'm hired? Awesome. See you in Boston!

Seg (South Eastern Girl) said...

I think I've come out of the bloggy-shadows before, but if not, here I am! I love you... I've been keeping up with you for a while now. Like, as in a year.ish.

Just had to say: a nanny is the best investment you will ever make. So much better than daycare. I can say that, having worked in both situations. Being a nanny rocks, esp for twins. It'll be a lucky lady/guy who gets to take care of yours!

If you haven't yet started looking, I recommend and Both have some great people. But word of mouth is the best option. Second to that is going to a local church and talking to a young adult minister about young adults in the group. They tend to be responsible and kid-experienced. Especially baptist or methodist young adults. Some may not have considered nannying, but you could always ask for minister's recommendations then ask them.

Good luck in the search!
Take it easy, lady!