Sunday, February 28, 2010

A week?!?!?

I haven't posted in a fucking week...that is totally inexcusable. Even when I have been on vacation in the past, I don't think I have ever gone a full week without posting. Heck, I had surgery in August of '07 and only missed like four, I am kinda embarrassed about taking this long to finally post again.

Super busy week, with lots of school work. I am trying to get ahead so that I can take a week or two completely off when the babies are born and not be completely lost. I am feeling pretty good right now so unless something super weird happens, I think I will be OK. Knock on wood.

Doctor's appointment with an ultrasound last Friday, and everything looks good. The babies are 3 pounds 10 ounces and 3 pounds 7 ounces and healthy and active. My cervix is the same size as it was four weeks ago, so the bed rest regimen is working so far. No signs of pre-term labor at all, and all of my tests remain good (my blood pressure is lower than it was at my first appointment!) So, fingers crossed that things remain on course:-)

The Boy is diligently working on his baby-preparation task list, which includes the assembly of lots of stuff...a crib, dresser/changing table and other smaller stuff. No painting or anything of the babies room. I am not really of that kinda stuff (also, not a fan of the word "nursery"'s just a bedroom).

Don't tell her I said this, but it is looking good for Munchkin's trip in a couple of weeks. Her PT is going great, she is regaining strength and flexibility really quickly, and she has been very good about doing her exercises every day...she has like a giant rubber band and a list of things she is supposed to do. In addition, Frenchie's Mother has said she will make sure that she observes any doctor's orders that she is supposed to (she also suggested she bring a friend to make the travel easier and make sure she never gets stuck in a spot where she has to awkwardly hoist a heavy suitcase anywhere...since they have a big house rented, it really just means she needs to find a friend who's parents will spring for the plane ticket, which likely won't be hard).

OK, that is enough for now...I will do better about blogging regularly this week...toodles!


Little Miss Chatter Box said...

i've missed you! hurry back!


Lisa said...

I'm glad that you and the babies are so healthy

Exgf said...

We've missed you!!! Glad the babies are doing well and Munchkin's trip is looking like it's going to happen!

Hope you are having a great week!

Exgf :)