Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Greetings blogland! Smoking Hot Roommate did a fine job of filling you in on the big details of the big day, so by now you have all of the particulars.

Now, some more of the specifics... Mommy actually had kind of a rough go of it...turns out that I developed pre-eclampsia right before Thursday (maybe even that day or the day before). Also learned how to actually spell it;-). When they checked me in, my blood pressure was a little bit high, but we all kind of assumed that it was just the stress and excitement, as I still felt great.

The operation went great, too...it was kind of surreal and trippy, but not the least bit uncomfortable, and The Boy and I chatted the whole time. Once I was prepped, they let him in the room and sat him next to me and started cutting. About ten minutes later, they held baby #1 up over the sheet for us to see, and a minute later, the second. Twenty fingers, twenty toes and absolutely 100% perfect!!!

They cleaned them up and The Boy held them next to me while they sewed me up (incidentally...he defied all of the advice he was given and peeked at he when he walked around the curtain to see the babies. He said it looked like they had a brisket laid out on my stomach:-)).

Then shit started to go sour. I got nauseous near the end and threw up in the OR. Then, as they were wheeling me to the recovery room, I felt like someone was driving a spike into my forehead and everything started spinning. By the time we got down the hall, I couldn't open my eyes because I was super light-sensitive and everything was spinning and gyrating. I could hear all kinds of doctors talking but I couldn't even open my eyes to look at them. And I couldn't even look at my new little girls!!!

Meanwhile, my original blood and urine tests had come back and they had the proteins that indicate pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure had also spiked and wasn't coming down, so they were pretty sure that was it. So I got all kinds of new drugs which made me feel terrible (Magnesium Sulfate...good at stopping seizures, bat at making you feel like you are not the subject of an episode of Intervention).

I didn't end up going up to my room until almost 9:30, when I finally got a chance to cuddle with my two perfectly adorable baby princesses:-). That made me feel much better! But not totally better, and my headaches and nausea and high blood pressure remained throughout the day on Friday, so I was on the horrible medicine until Saturday morning. Once they took that off, though, I started to feel much more like myself, and by Saturday night I was back to almost normal. That is when I noticed that my stomach really hurt:-).

That, however, is totally manageable. And now it is a complete zoo!!! We came home Monday and have been feeding, burping, changing, holding, wiping up spit-up, pumping doing laundry and repeating pretty constantly!

They sleep pretty well, and we have both done pretty good so far with getting enough sleep. Having The Boy's Mom around is absolutely fantastic...she has spent most of her time cooking and doing laundry and stuff...just things to make our lives easier and to let us be with the babes. She is now officially and permanently St. Mother-in-Law from here on out:-)

True to form, I started writing this at about 9:00 yesterday and just finished it now...I guess that is just how we are gonna roll in these parts for a bit!!! Thanks for all the well wishes, and I will get back to regular writing as soon as I can!!!


Our Happy Married Life said...

so good to hear from you. Sorry about the little episode in the hospital but glad you are feeling better now. Such a fun time for you all, I am sure!!

SG said...

Congrats on the two little ones! I'm glad to hear you're okay I'm sure that was scary there for a bit.

Exgf said...

So glad you are feeling better and are able to enjoy the princesses :)

Been thinking about you :)


Windy City Kelley's said...

Congratulations! Sounds pretty scary but I'm glad you're better now.

Kari said...

So glad to hear that you are home and all is well.
glad everything worked out in the hospital -- thank goodness for the Drs.
St. Mother in Law sounds great -- even better that she has done the twin thing before.
Not sure if you are BF or not -- but one of my friends that had twins and BF implemented a rule when then twins were about 2 months old -- both must eat at same time. It worked well for her.
You and the boy are going to be the best parents.
Enjoy the princesses!

A said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear that all is well and that you're doing okay. Anxiously awaiting more tales of mommyhood. Congrats x 1 million. XOXOXOX

Katie said...

Congratulations! Glad you are feeling better and your mother in law is being such a great help to yall.

I'm dying to see a picture of these two sweet girls -- post one when you have a chance.

Jen said...

Wow, the surgery was really short! Very scary afterwards though, and I'm glad to hear you are ok and enjoying the girls!

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my friend who had a baby boy a la C-section, and I can only imagine how hard it is for you and The Boy with two! Thank goodness for MIL! While at my friend's, we did the baby's laundry, folded it and organized it in the nursery. We also folded and organized her clean clothes, which were everywhere! Then we organized the baby's gifts that he got since coming home. It was nice to be able to help her out.

Can't wait to read more about how you and the little ones are doing!

HappyascanB said...

Omigosh, how very scary for everyone! So glad you are on the mend! I want a St Mother in Law!!!

Lori S-C said...

So glad to hear from you here. Was very worried about the complications that SHR mentioned, but it sounds like you are on the route to recovery with many sets of full hands.
Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Ah, good to read from you and welcome back home.

I am glad that you are all doing well now. The time after the operation sounds very scary. Thank God you are ok again and recovering.

All the best for you, The Boy and the Baby Girls!!

Lisa said...

Except for that scary part it all sounds wonderful! Again, congrats to you and the boy, I think you'll manage perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I am SOOO happy for you. I hope you have a quick recovery. I hope you will post a picture of the princesses. I want to see them so bad!

Ys said...

Woo congratulations!

I've been away from the 'net for two weeks so I wondered if you'd had the babies yet. I'm really glad everything went (pretty much) okay and everyone is healthy :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm super behind in my blog reading/writing. I suppose I should probably write about mine soon :)