Friday, April 02, 2010

You can just imagine what she will want for her next birthday

I am so darn funny, I just can't get over April Fool's humor is unmatched!!!

Another doctor's appointment this morning, and everything still looks really good. I am only a tiny bit dilated (which I have been for a while) and still no signs of labor or any contractions or anything. So, for now, it looks like the girls may stay put for a little longer:-)

Bed rest be dammed...I am gonna enjoy this weekend as best I can! A) It could be my last weekend ever of freedom, and B) It is supposed to be spectacularly nice! Today is beautiful, and tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be even nicer. Not that I am gonna go hog wild, but I am definitely not keeping myself cooped up all weekend, that's for sure

And how could I, when tomorrow is THE BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR?!?!?! That's original baby girl is turning 15 years old. I can't even begin to tell you how old that seems to me...and how fast time has flown. Packing her up in my car and driving from Chicago to Boston (and crying uncontrollably once she fell asleep) was nearly five years ago...a time span that seems completely incomprehensible to me now.

You know what? Sometime this August, around the five year anniversary of our little adventure, I am going to try and really write about that day and the weeks before and after it. Obviously, I talk about it a lot, but I am not really sure that I have totally spelled out the myriad emotions and fears and hopes and excitement of that time. But I will sum it up with a fragment of a conversation that I had with a mother of one of her friends last fall about my impending motherhood. She told me, about the babies, "No matter what, you will always know that this is the biggest, most important thing you will ever do." I remember thinking a lot about that statement, and being fairly certain that it was not completely true.

Anyway, I will save the sappy for later;-). This weekend is just about having a party! I would love to tell you that my big gift to her is a surprise visit from the boyfriend, but that would be lying...I am not quite that cool. He did send her a couple of things, including a beautiful pair of earrings that she was not supposed to open until tomorrow but already did and now will have to pretend that she didn't:-P

She is having a little bit of a party tomorrow night which I hope to get to for a little bit. Smoking Hot Roommate has really be a doll and taken the lead on this, and will be playing Mom/chaperon [spellcheck says there is no "e" at the end of that...for real?] for this. Nothing overly fancy, they are having pizza and then going bowling...although there will be boys involved, which changes the dynamic a little bit. And yes, I am aware that this could all be part of a ruse for SHR to steal Munchkin away from me and never give her back when she moves in with her next week:-P You can't fool me!!!

That's about it for the weekend. Still laying low, but I refuse to be housebound when it is this nice out!!!


Exgf said...

Enjoy a beautiful birthday weekend with Munchkin!!!


Happy Easter!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Rishabh said...

i recently stumbled on to your blogs & i must admit they make for an interesting read..
anyway,more importantly,congratulations to munchkins & you for the beautiful day that beckons!!!!!!!!


Lpeg said...

Happy Birthday to Munchkin!!!