Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sun, sun and more sun

I spent most of today out and about, and don't feel at all the worse for wear. This is very good news, seeing as the next week or so is going to be just as spectacular and there is absolutely no chance that I will be spending a beautiful spring week cooped up in my house or on my couch at school.

There is just something about spring in the city...the trees and flowers have started blooming, the grass is finally green, and mostly there are just TONS of people out. People walking and running and rollerblading and biking and laying out reading and walking dogs and playing Frisbee and sunning themselves. Sure, everyone is just a touch too pale to be wearing their summer clothes from last year, but that is is just refreshing to finally see some skin and some bare feet and some more flattering clothing.

And of course, it is great to be able to spend the afternoon of your baby sister's birthday sitting at an outdoor cafe on Newbury Street with her, your two pretend sisters, oversized salads and iced tea and some very dark sunglasses (you know, so you can stealthily check everyone out;-)). Honestly, I could have sat there all day.

Special note: it is the first time in my entire pregnancy that I have really, really wanted a drink. Big Sis claims to have been jonesing for a glass of wine the whole time, but I have had no real urges at all. But, oh man, I would have committed some pretty heinous crimes to have a Long Island, or a Margarita this afternoon. Actually, a cold beer would have been pretty freaking awesome, too. Or a Mojito. I am getting carried away...

Anyway, we had a super lunch full of people watching, gossiping and chit chat:-). I went home to rest for a bit so that I could go to Munchkin's party, and Smoking Hot Roommate took her to do some birthday shopping and they found her a party dress that is simultaneously super cute and super hot...everyone was happy:-) Then they came home and a couple of Munchkin's friends came over so that they could get ready together.

The party was pretty fun...I was just happy to be there and to be out of the house! They are at a funny age where they are all (even the boys) discovering the concept of "fashion" and are very cognisant of looking good. But, they don't really understand their own personal style yet, or the idea of dressing for an occasion...which leads to some interesting choices. Like...babydoll dresses and ballet flats. And way too many accessories. To a bowling alley.

To be a little more serious, a couple of the girls need some pretty serious advice on toning things down a bit. There was some seriously out-of-control cleavage, and a couple girls who just don't have the legs to be wearing the aforementioned babydoll dresses. I am a big believer in promoting healthy body images, especially for girls who will just never be super skinny...but part of that image is in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being able to dress them appropriately. Whatever...they are all between 13 and 16, they'll learn.

As for the boys, Big Sis hit the nail on the head by noting that "They are clearly shooting for Chuck Bass. Only he looks ridiculous 80% of the time anyway, and that is after the benefit of professional stylists and makeup artists." It was fun, though, and Munchkin had a great time. She had a nice long talk with Frenchie this morning, but then after that she didn't pout at all about not being able to see him...which to me is perfect: no sense in fretting over things you can't change.

Easter tomorrow, which we are having at Twin Sister's place. Pretty low key, and I think just The Boy's immediate family. And who knows...I could have kids by then...:-D


Our Happy Married Life said...

happy Easter, my "friend"!!!

Exgf said...

Happy Easter AM :) talked about your blog today with my family so you may have a few new readers!

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful Easter!

The Former PK said...

Hi there ... I read your blog and I know you are busy with baby prep, but I was wondering if you could shoot me a quick e-mail with some restaurant suggestions in Boston. My husband & I live in NH and are going to a concert next week at Paradise Rock Club and I'd love to get a suggestion from a local. Anything goes ... although we loathe driving in Boston, so close proximity to PRC is key.

Thanks in advance!