Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tales from the commute

The Boy took the girls to day care this morning, so I walked to work with Munchkin on her way to school. I used to do that every day, and very much miss it, but that isn't the point of my story.

The real point...as we passed near the Park Street T stop, there were two homeless guys in a doorway smoking a joint that could be smelled from a long ways away. While this is unusual, and it is still rare to see people smoking in public...it is not totally unheard of. The penalty is now just a $100 fine, and my guess is that the homeless guy doesn't really care about getting a ticket. Still, smoking out in the open like that is still noticeable.

While we bundled against the cold, I had the following exchange with Munchkin (also, it should be noted that she has occasionally been known to buy sandwiches, bagels and coffee and give them to homeless people...)

Munchkin: You'd think that they would spend their money on something besides pot, wouldn't you?
Me: I am not sure that your average homeless person does a lot of rationale budgeting.
Munchkin: But you are probably starving to begin with, and that won't help.
Me: Good point.
... (pause)
Me: Wait a minute. Why do you know this?
... (pause)
Me: Wait another minute. How do you know what the smell was?
Munchkin: moderately mischievous shrug

Anyone know a good convent that is accepting precocious teenagers?


Lpeg said...

Ha. Oh boy! That is hilarious :)

Kari said...

Ah! You are one smart mom! I do know a convent that is accepting -- it is in the middle of the prairie! I can send you the link if you want :)

A said...


That child cracks me up. Love that she can be so honest with you.