Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Travel Plans

The Boy and I are supposed to go to a wedding in New Hampshire this weekend for a really good friend of his, and planned to stay overnight on Saturday. Unfortunately, there is a little bit of baby sickness going around (MA has spent the last two days erupting from both ends...that's all you need to know about that) and it is much worse at night. I am thinking that I may skip it rather than make St. Mother in Law stay over and deal with that...especially since LK could very easily have the same issue by then.

So, I think I will send him on his own...or rather with his sister and sister-in-law. He could also theoretically take Munchkin in my place - she knows most of these friends really well and would have a really good time. And since The Rocket Scientist is going to be away, Smoking Hot Roommate is going to come over as well so we can have some girl time:-)

Next weekend is President's Day, and I am re-starting my old tradition of going skiing with Munchkin and her friends. And as a reminder, that involves no actual skiing on my part;-). That is obviously subject to change based on the mood and health of the girls, but the plan is for St. Mother in Law to stay over for at least part of the weekend with The Boy and the girls. They are an awful lot to deal with by yourself for more than a single day:-)

And I am going to enjoy the peace and quite, spend some time in the hot tub, cook a lot and catch up on my sleep! I am very much looking forward to it:-) Although I am prepared to come back on Sunday afternoon instead of Monday if The Boy has had enough by then!

Finally, Munchkin is getting ready to head to Paris again next month over her Spring break. Ahh...what is it that they say about Paris in Spring?

Tough life that one has, eh?


Kari said...

Perfect use of eh!
Hope the girls get better soon...
Enjoy the non-ski trip! Sounds perfect to me!

Thisisme said...

fingers crossed the blow out's stop soon!!!

Jen said...

Aw it sucks that you have to miss the wedding, but it sounds like The Boy will do just fine on his own. I hope the girls get better soon. :)

Your ski trip sounds fabulous. May I ask which resort you go to? I am an avid New England skier myself and just got back from Bretton Woods in NH last weekend. I have been trying to hit the slopes every weekend somewhere.

Accidentally Me said...

Jen - Stowe, VT. Which I think is also the name of the mountain...?