Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why do I still feel so busy?

Somehow, despite dropping the whole "full time student" thing for a semester, I am still overly busy...not sure how that happened. Anyway, here we are on Thursday afternoon and I am just getting around to writing about last weekend...

Skiing was really fun! It was super cold, but I never actually left the house, so that had little impact on my state of mind:-). I cooked a lot, ate a lot, read, watched TV, napped, soaked in the hot tub and just generally enjoyed the time away. The girls were, as always, really fun...although they were different this year because two of the friends that went were boys. Not love interests of anyone else, but they are teenage girls and they still act different. A little less silly:-)

The Boy did awesome on his extended weekend as a single father. He had the girls by himself on Friday night (getting them to bed can be a challenge!) and Saturday morning, and then his Mom came over Saturday afternoon and stayed all day Sunday as well...she went home at 7:30 after MA went to sleep, and then he had them by himself again all day Monday until I got home. And they all survived and seemed to have a good time:-)

I drove home with just Munchkin, and we took our time and stopped for lunch and stuff on the way. That was really nice, I have written here before, I don't get as much time alone with her as I would like, so I appreciate whatever I can get. Although, as long as one of the girls is asleep early enough tonight, we are going out for chicken fingers, which will be another nice treat.

Then she is off to Chicago this weekend to visit her brother and niece...quite the jet setter...

I think we have decided not to move this spring. We have enough room for now, and over the next year we will be able to put away a whole bunch of money that will get us into looking at a little different caliber of condo that I think would make a substantial difference. So, it looks like we will hold off in hopes of getting something really perfect next year...which will also save the trouble of moving now!!!

And, um, I guess that's it for now:-)


Thisisme said...

All good things! (:

Glad to see you enjoyed the ski trip!!

Ys said...

It's always nice to put off moving, isn't it? ;) It's so much hassle, though. We moved last summer and I never want to do it again haha.

I'm glad you enjoyed the skiing trip :)

Ms. Discipline said...

I need to take a skiing trip. Sounds like fun.

Nice Blog!