Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Munchkin is all moved in at the beach...which is less of a production than it has been before, and of which I am much less worried about her well-being. I am, however, still gonna miss her a lot when I don't see her:-) I still have trouble going more than about four hours without talking to her...

The weekend was nice, although the weather wasn't great at the beach...not a whole lot of sun. Still, it is just a fantastic feeling when the beach house gets opened up for the year. It lets me know that summer is finally here! The girls did great in unusual surroundings, which is good...always a little bit of a worry that maybe they won't sleep or something. And mostly they just like having all of those people to pay attention to them:-)

But the big news around here is that The Boy has a new job. Since he got out of graduate school he has worked at the same place, has been promoted a couple of times and has very much enjoyed it...but this was a chance to go in a little bit of a different direction that he is excited about. This job will be more client facing, and will include a lot more lifetime estate and tax planning, in addition to the same sort of investment analysis that he always did.

And without going into the details, the new company is kind of an unusual place, and it is not very common that they bring in people into the job he is going into. He sort of got recruited by two older guys that are winding down and looking for a successor to inherit many of their current relationships. So, he is both flattered by their faith in him, excited about the new role and excited about all of the opportunities it presents!

And I am very happy for him and very proud of him:-)

Hooray for The Boy!


Our Happy Married Life... said...

congrats to the boy! :)

A said...

Wheeeee! That's awesome. Congrats to The Boy!

Mrs. Adventure said...

Awww congrats give him a high five from me :o)