Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My new favorite TV show.

First, a little clarification...when I said "next weekend" in my last post, I was referring not to the coming weekend (or "this weekend" in me head) but in fact the upcoming weekend. Which is now "this weekend". Follow? It all seems perfectly clear to me...

Anyway, completely random confession: I have a new favorite TV personality, and if I gave you a thousand guesses you would never get it. The winner? Jeremy Wade from River Monsters.

I have a hard time explaining my fascination with him and with the show. I am not a fact, I have never been fishing. I have little desire to ever go fishing. My impression has always been that fishing is boring and very smelly. I enjoy eating fish, but let's be honest: they are kinda gross. And the ones he catches are big and mean and nasty and like to eat people with their big ferocious teeth,

But whenever it is on, I can't help but watch. His accent is killer and his crooked teeth make him a lovely combination of rugged and refined. He also seems to own at least 3,000 fishing rods, which is apropos of nothing, really. But mostly, I think the fish are the this one, which is the scariest thing I have ever seen. And this Giant Japanese Salamander, which is really gross but has the cutest little toes ever. Or the never-ending array of catfish the size of Volkswagens.

So maybe when I get the inevitable invite to go deep sea fishing this summer, I should go? Or maybe just avoid the sea sickness and hang out on the beach...either or.

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Mrs. Adventure said...

For some reason your posts haven't been popping up on my reader :o( I have weeks to get caught up on now I just thought you hadn't posted friend!