Monday, June 20, 2011

Visiting and Visitors

Weekend was a blast...tons of fun (and surprisingly little drinking for this girl...actually, not surprising, since I was sort of on Mom duty the whole time).

Munchkin came with us everywhere and never got carded or questioned once. And no, just because they let her into bars doesn't mean that I let her order anything that she shouldn't from said bars. That was actually kind of easy, as there were two pregnant girls with us periodically all weekend and I didn't really drink much, so she wasn't totally left out.

Just a really good time...we didn't really cause too much trouble, we just went out Friday and Saturday nights, laughed a lot and danced a lot and spent a lot of Saturday just hanging out and shopping and whatnot (and having a dress fitting, which was awesome...both of our dresses fit really well right off the bat). Honestly, if Munchkin hadn't been with us, we may have been a little more debaucherous, but BFFg would have really missed her if she was at home:-) And our heads are probably in much better shape today as a result...

It was good to see some friends I haven't seen in a long time, too, and to meet some new ones. Honestly, I didn't really live up to my role as Maid of Honor in planning this, but I didn't really have to since everyone sort of pitched in and took care of it. Her work friends (who are the ones that I don't really know) and just really great girls, really laid back and easy to have this kind of party with. Just like BFFg!!!

Anyway, we dragged our exhausted behinds home a little early yesterday so that we could be home to spend Father's Day with all of those wonderful Dads in our lives:-) The Boy and I went up to his parents place with the girls for a cookout (I was totally exhausted, but figured it best not to complain:-)).

Munchkin stayed behind because she had a very special visitor to meet at the airport, of course. And yes...still in love:-). I had originally planned on going to the beach for the whole week with them (girls are staying home), but I changed that plan since I didn't want to be away from the girls for that long. So, Big Sis headed down with them this morning, and is going to stay until Wednesday and then I and going to head down late tomorrow or Wednesday morning and The Boy will come down with the girls on Friday night.

Make sense? Ahh...summer...finally here:-)


Mrs. Adventure said...

Aww it sounds like you guys had a blast, wish I lived near I totally would have showed up like the stalker I am :o)

steffi2282 said...

Ah, that sounds so nice. Especially the beach part.
I am really very envious every year when you tell us about the beach house.

Ys said...

Totally jealous that you're off to the beach! The weather is awful here :/

A said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Glad Munchkin got to join in on all of the fun. Thrilled that Frenchie is in town and that those crazy kids are still madly in love. And, goodness, have a fantastic time at the beach. Sounds absolutely delightful. :)

lisa said...

speaking of munchkin: does she have time to watch the Football worldcup of the Ladies? Interesting to know for a German girl since we're hosting :)