Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fake ID's, babysitters, foreigners and emails

I am quickly becoming the Worst Blogger Ever. I don't really even have an excuse...I am not so super busy that I don't have time to write. I think maybe I am just boring. I have nothing that seems worth writing.

Let's see...girls are doing great. Daddy gets them all by himself next weekend because Smoking Hot Roommate and I am going to Chicago for BFFg's bachelorette party, which will be a total shit show. Munchkin is coming and we are gonna try and sneak her into places with us...hopefully being in a group of 10 or so girls that are all in their late 20's at least will mean we can skip the ID checks. She looks plenty old enough, but I am not quite criminal enough to get her an ID (if SHR weren't going, she could use hers as they look enough alike, but we will put that on the list of "habits I would rather she not get into").

The wedding is in July, and we are hoping to be able to go. That will mean that his parents have to watch the girls for a whole weekend, though, and I am not sure we are totally ready for that. For now we are planning on going, but The Boy could end up staying home at the last minute...hopefully not.

Then, when we get back, Frenchie is coming and I am headed to the beach with both lovebirds for the week. Looking forward to vacation!!! I have had to promise Munchkin that we can have a lot of driving lessons...wish me luck:-)

So, to change topics...who else got "The Email" this weekend? I did (not sure why, really) and found it to be a little weird, a little confusing, a little disconcerting and some other stuff. And the nosy part of me would LOVE to know who wrote it, but I doubt that will ever come out (and if the named party ever figured it out, I doubt she would broadcast it anyway.) But I would love to know anyone else's thoughts on what this says about who reads blogs, who writes blogs and what we all hope to, and eventually get, out of blogging.

Drop me a line:-)


Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment before but I don't think it worked. Sorry if I double up.

Munchkin in Chicago bars? Look out, Chitown! How funny would it be if we unknowingly ran into each other in Chicago. I'll be out and about this weekend as well, celebrating the (wretched) 26th birthday.

I'm happy to hear everything is going well! Sometimes, having nothing to blog about it is a good thing! I have no idea what "The Email" is. I'm so out of the loop!

Kari said...

Didn't get the email -- but guess that's because I am too lazy to start a blog!
Have a blast in Chicago. I think the boys parents would love to babysit all weekend..
Ahhh a week at the beach -- enjoy. Have fun with the driving lessons -- I imagine she will drive like a pro!

Robbie said...

What email are you referring to?

Katie said...

Yes I want to hear about this email. Didn't get it but I am definitely curious!

Ys said...

What's "The Email"? What have I missed?

Windy City Kelley's said...

You should both go to the wedding. It's hard to both leave the babies but it's worth the time alone.

I too have no clue what this email is. You must explain! :)

A said...

I did not get The Email. But, goodness + yuck + bizarre mystery, eh?

Cannot wait to hear about this bachelorette party, young lady. I know that it cannot fall into the category of being too boring to write about it so you just feel free to spill. :)

Mrs. Adventure said...

Oooh I can't wait to hear about the party I hope munchkin gets in you are the coolest big sis ever :o) I sure have missed your tales.

And Frenchie....... that should be epic!