Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hockey, eh?

So, several weeks ago it came to my attention that the Bruins were playing in the Stanley Cup finals. Surprisingly (given my obviously intense devotion to them) this was news to me.

Then I found out that the other team (and Canadian readers...isn't "Canuck" a somewhat derogatory term?) had a pair of twins, so I was maybe a little bit conflicted. Because, as we all know, twins are awesome.

Then somebody got bitten and there seemed to be a lot of people hitting each other with hockey always this violent? While I was aware that the Blackhawks won last year, I never actually watched any of the games...I have watched hockey before, and I know that there is a lot of hitting and whatnot, but this seemed to be excessively violent. Anyway...

So, the Bruins won, and The Boy has pointed out that, since I first moved to Boston, every team has won at least one Championship. I can see no other logical explanation for this other than my presence:-)

And I am now accepting bids to move to your city and bring my good karma with me:-)


Kari said...

This series was horribly unhockey like. I think I am only going to watch Junior Hockey from now on!
I am really ashamed to be Cdn this am -- what the people in Vancouver did was so horrible.
I would say Canuck has become an okay term in the past 10 years or so. The HBC Olympic Canuck shirts are still hot items.

MrsV said...

I too am ashamed to be Canadian at the moment.... I didn't watch the game (hubby only cares when Toronto plays) but I've heard the game was pretty ... Rough. Last night my sister in law uploaded a picture to Facebook of a store that had boarded up it's windows in case of a riot and I thought to myself how strange and silly to feel the need to do that. Well good thing I guess... Way to go Canadians (hangs head in shame)

Oh and as for the term Canuck, I haven't personally heard anyone I know use it, but I read it in places including the newspaper so I assume it can't be that bad?

A said...

Lucky Lou, we would like you in Detroit for a long-awaited Super Bowl win, please and thank you. I will babysit while you work your magic.

Hockey is rough and tough by nature, but - Kari was totally right - that series was extra rough and tough. Ridicously so.

This website dedicated to hockey's favorite twins is mildly amusing:

And thanks for clearing up the b-party plans. Take notes. I want stories. :)

Mrs. Adventure said...

I freaking love it - send some good thoughts my way I'm heading out to buy a lotto ticket if I win you and I are going out for drinks :o) Since you know once I win I'm going to have to fly up there and actually meet you ha ha.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Funny enough, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that ever since he LEFT Boston, teams there have started winning championships. hahahaha. No need for you to move to Chicago ... but, St. Louis? Chapel Hill? Feel free! =)

Little Miss Chatter Box said...

You're a couple weeks late, we just lost our hockey team for the 2nd time! Think it would help them come back if you moved to Atlanta?

Jen said...

Ah, yeah... hockey is a violent sport, but I think it intensifies during the playoffs because obviously the games mean more, and I think the refs get a little more lenient. GO BRUINS! I'm so excited they brought the cup back to Boston.

Anyway, thank you soooo much for sending me the synopsis of "Crime and Punishment!" You saved me a ton of trouble, and I'm kinda glad I quit ahead. :)

"War and Peace" is on the list... so don't give me the ending just yet, but if you find a post like the one yesterday, feel free to share. :)