Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memo: Toddlers will overeat if you let them

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (or long weekend, if you are not Christmas-folk)! Despite the girls being sick all weekend, mine was relatively relaxing and wonderfully rewarding.

Friday was Big Sis' birthday, so we all went out for dinner (Frenchie went home in the afternoon, but Munchkin doesn't really get too mopey when that happens anymore)...did you know that the easiest way to eat ziti without a fork is to just stick your baby thumb into the little tube? Well, MA figured that out pretty quickly...and her sister followed suit. Unfortunately, something didn't sit well with LK, and she woke up at about 2:30 screaming bloody murder, and eventually threw up before she fell back to sleep.

We went to The Boy's parents' house on Christmas Eve...his brother was in town for the holiday with his wife and kids, and some other aunts, uncles and cousins were around, too. The girls ate varying (but large) amounts of cocktail shrimp, broccoli and cheese quiche, roast beef, potatoes, salmon, vegetables, bread, cheesecake, Boston cream pie, and cookies. What can I say, they are not picky eaters...

LK woke up again, in some kind of intense agony. I am not sure if her tummy hurt (hey, AM, maybe you shouldn't feed her so much!!!) or if she had a nightmare or what, but she was completely inconsolable again for a little while. And that, of course, wakes MA up, who went back to sleep, but not before she had to find out what was wrong...which means one of us takes one each and lays down with her in different rooms until they go back to sleep.

On Christmas Day we went to Big Sis's house with a bunch of the pretend family for a pretty low-key day. But before that, she and Smoking Hot Roommate came over for breakfast and so that Munchkin could open all of her stuff.  On the surface, this was for the purpose of having some quiet time to ourselves without too many other people around, but the real reason was to contrive of just the right way to give her the big present. SHR picked it up on Christmas Eve, and I let her know after we were home so she would drive it over and put it in the garage so that Munchkin wouldn't see it when we got back.

So her very last gift on Christmas as a very small box that had only the keys in it. She is pretty bright, so she figured it out quickly;-) We went down to see it, at which point she cried a little bit, which made the rest of us cry a little, and...oh, shut up...I cry a lot, get over it!!! We all took turns, and it really is just about the best present a 16 year old girl could get!

Continuing with the theme of the weekend, the girls ate an enormous about of lasagna, meatballs, eggplant parm and everything else they saw on Christmas Day...and LK woke up again screaming. This time, she went back to sleep pretty quickly, but MA was really fussy about going back down, and then at about 3:30, she emptied her whole little baby belly out in one foul-smelling wave of half-digested lasagna (too much?). Poor girl made herself and her father a complete mess:-)

They were both a little bit under the weather yesterday...little colds and a lot of excitement over the last few days, so we laid pretty low. Munchkin was out most of the day showing off her new toy to her friends (and learning that having a car with a stick means never having to let any of them drive it:-P) but was home before dark, per the first rule I have given her!

And that, I guess, was Christmas! Hope yours was as much fun as mine (save for the sick babies).

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