Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shouldn't I be Christmas Shopping?

So, I have been amazed at the response I got from my last post...largely because it was all by email! Usually, in blog land, people are willing to share things with the masses, and in the past when I have invited people to share their thoughts on touchy issues, I get more comments than I do emails. This one, however, about the post-baby sex lives of couples, has touched on some very deep feelings, all of which are private.

Turns out that this is more of a problem than I thought, and that it affects almost everyone in degrees that vary from minor irritation to marriage-threatening. I got one very heartfelt response from a guy (most of my readers are women, but boys are always welcome:-)) who talked about the helplessness he felt in trying to convince his wife that she was still the end, what she really needed was for him to carve out time for her to go to the gym...whether or not she actually lost any weight, it made her feel better. Seems really simple, but it took a lot to get to that point.

Anyway, really interesting...and I guess the message is that it seems to affect almost everyone, but it also seems really, really hard to talk about, either with each other or with anyone else.

And now...awkward transition time...who has read The Hunger Games? I have lost much of the last two days to it, and am probably borderline obsessed...

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