Friday, February 17, 2012

Ski Bunnies

Happy Friday everyone:-) And Happy long weekend to anyone who has Monday off...which I do...

As usual, I am going skiing in Vermont with Munchkin and her friends. This is (?) time we have done this, and I remain firmly committed to not skiing! I am driving up with the girls (the real change being that I am actually riding up with the girls this year and Munchkin is driving) during which time I have been told there are many boy issues to be worked out. As it turns out, I am the ultimate arbiter of all boy-related issues for Munchkin's I have that going for me:-) Last year there were a couple of boys with us, this year there are not...and it may be related...

I will also have some company from her friend, who is coming with us but can't ski at all. She is doing pretty well, and has yet to get really, really sick, but she gets tired really easily and is, I guess, fragile. So she will help me bake and bum around, and I will do my best to not regularly burst into uncontrollable tears...

But mostly, I am going to relax, cook, soak in the hot tub, read and basically enjoy a couple of days of nothing! The Boy gets solo Daddy duty (don't feel bad for him...he is headed to a bachelor party in New Orleans for FIVE DAYS in May), although his Mom will almost certainly be around for some part of that. He may just take them up to their house for a night or two.

In honor of Presidents Day, maybe I will give you a gigantic outpouring of thoughts on the Presidential election, which I have been sort of silent on. If I look back, I wrote a TON about that in 2008, and haven't been inspired to write nearly as much this time around. At this point, I am both uninspired by the available options, and unconvinced that this will be much of a November race at all...I doubt that any of these Republicans will even do as well as McCain did in 2008 (which, you may notice, was not very good).

We have a Senate race here in Massachusetts that may well turn out to be a whole lot more interesting than the Presidential race, featuring Scott Brown against Elizabeth Warren (who dreamed up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but didn't get to run it like she wanted to). He is the short-term incumbent, has tons of money already raised and remains pretty popular, but she is also pretty well-liked (so far) and will have a much bigger institutional support. She will also have tons of money. She remains kind of an unknown, and has never run for anything, but it will still be a really close race unless she turns out to be a complete clown.

Anyway, that can all wait for next week!

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laurwilk said...

Looking forward to your campaign post. I, too, am uninspired.

I do love me some Scott Brown (for personal reasons) and think he is a fantastic person. While I have no say in what happens in MA, that's where my vote would go.

Have fun not-skiing!