Friday, February 24, 2012

Moving, maybe?

First of all, many, many congratulations to one of my oldest blog-friends, Ally, on the birth of her little baby boy (and by "oldest" I mean "longest time", not like, actually the oldest...I am not real sure who my oldest reader is, unless Jenn's Grandpa Otto reads...speaking of which, he is adorable:-))

Moving on...sorry if you tried to read sometime yesterday and found the site locked...I am not real sure what happened, but my privacy settings got flipped. Also, I seem to have gotten like five different invitations to join new blogs that clearly were not intended for me. Google, what the hell is going on?!?!?

Not a whole lot more to report...we had chicken fingers last night for the first time in a while. You are probably assuming that I have less time for that, but you would be wrong...more often than not, it is Munchkin who has other commitments and can't make it. Busy girl! But she had no basketball games, theater practices, group projects or other things to do last night, so we went out right after the girls went to bed around 8:15 or so. I will admit that it is nice to have an older kid who don't have to be in bed before me and can stay out a little later:-)

Speaking of teenage daughters, Modern Family was killing me again this week...that may be my new favorite show.

We have sort of started house hunting again, which is actually sort of frustrating. While I seem to have heard a lot about a housing recession, and falling home prices...that appears to be something of an urban legend, at least as judged by things for sale in the places that I want to live. Really, I am hoping to have this discussion with someone from Manhattan, or maybe London, just so that I can feel like things are reasonably priced...

Case in point... here we have a lovely three bedroom condo (which could be four) that seems right up our alley. Well finished, great location, good size, parking, etc.

The one problem, of course, is that is is listed for $3 million. That's right THREE. MILLION. DOLLARS. Dollars aren't worth what they used to be, but that is still 2.3 million Euros and 1.9 million pounds. Or, in the universal currency...a shitload of money. In the even more universal currency, that is "more than I have".

So, long story short, I am not sure how much luck we will have in moving. I would love to expand a bit, and a fourth bedroom would be really nice (we have 1,600 and something square feet, plus a deck and some storage space, and three bedrooms now) but it is just gonna cost us a fortune to make any kind of a substantial upgrade. But we will keep looking...


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I'm pretty sure the Back Bay couldn't pick out a recession or housing bust or anything of the sort. Seriously. There is always demand for homes/condos in areas like that.

Lisa said...

Oy, I'm glad it was just an internet-hiccup, I thought you threw us out!

That would have been a bummer.

Good luck with the house-hunting, I know that it can be a mayor PITA!

cindy said...

So now I know that your condo and our house is pretty much the same size at 1600-some sq ft, 3 bed. (You'd originally assumed our house was a lot bigger.) This reminds me of how much we're ripped off in CA for real estate. CA condos are typically WAY smaller than yours; my last townhouse was considered huge and was 1533 ft2 or something like that. I would say most SoCal condos are under 1000 ft2 and cost, even in this market, around $300K.
My point is, I feel ya on the housing hunt. Good luck!

Ally said...

Thanks AM! Crazy how much has changed for both of us since we "met." Happy weekend!

Accidentally Me said...

Nilsa - You are mostly right, although I think that market is kinda soft right now. Like, I am pretty sure than $3 million condo could be had for a solid offer of $2.7 million. Which doesn't really help me:-)

Lisa - The pain the wallet is worse!

Cindy - That's funny...I assumed your house was bigger! Not sure why... The size isn't really an issue, condos range in size from a couple hundred square foot studios up to four and five thousand square foot showpieces. The cost of them, however, is another thing entirely! $300k barely buys you a parking space, let alone any place to actually live more than a stdio..

Ally - I like to think we are exactly the same!!!

Lisa said...

haha, of course it hurts the wallet most! :)

We've been looking into real estate as well, but though over here it's said to be a buyers' market as well I haven't felt it looking at the prices.

One would have to bring with some some serious funds in order to get a credit that wouldn't bankrupt the buyer in the long run.. So it's time to save, save and save